Silverback Dip - Review. 31 August 2021.

Today we're talking about something new that I recently saw on social media that I've been curious to try out. This is Silverback Dip, a product made by Sifaco Group. If you've had Makla before, this is a product similar to that. I'm not sure about this one, but if it's similar to Makla is a mix of 33% tobacco and 67% texturizing agents. It's a pretty interesting product, that's for sure!  As far as this one goes, it's not the same as regular dip.  We'll talk about how to use it and get into that more in the review, but it's used more like loose snus, if you've ever had that before.  In this review, we'll be covering four different flavors, but first, let's get some usage and product info out of the way first.

Usage Instructions

Using this stuff is a lot like using snus.  However, they made a point to mention that it's "not to be confused with snus, Silverback Dip is not a pasteurized tobacco product".  For Step 1, you'll use the top of the lid to dig out a little bit of the material in the can.  For Step 2, you'll take your pinch and roll it into a little ball.  Much like handbaking loose snus.  For Step 3, you'll place it under your upper lip.

Can Size

These cans are smaller than a regular tobacco can.  Or, pictured here, an Outlaw Dip can.  They're slim, and incredibly pocket friendly.  They have a little seal around the side which you'll peel off to open them up.

Silverback Classic

Flavor Description:  "Mellow tobacco profile"
Can Size:  25 grams
Strength:  Intensity Level 1

Review:  When you open the can, this one has a mellow, earthy tobacco aroma.  It's lightly sweet, and has subtle hints of caramel to it.  The grind of this one is a bit like clay, and pretty easy to pinch and form.  The flavor is a pretty gentle one.  It's tobacco-centric, earthy, mellow, and mild in nature.  It has a very subtle sweetness to it, and a faint caramel tone.  The nicotine strength feels to be around the regular-ish level.  The flavor lasts about 45 to 55 minutes, on average.

Silverback Bold

Flavor Description:  "Robust tobacco profile"
Can Size:  20 grams
Strength:  Intensity Level 3

Review:  This one has a deep, rich aroma of tobacco to it.  It's earthy, and present.  In the flavor profile, it's a pretty nice, present taste of tobacco.  It's a deep tobacco taste.  It's rich, earthy, and yes, robust.  The flavor longevity on this one is about the same, but the nicotine level feels a touch stronger.

Silverback Green

Flavor Description:  "Cool tobacco profile"
Can Size:  25 grams
Strength:  Intensity Level 1

Review:  This one has a really interesting aroma to it. It's slightly mentholated, but seems to have a peppermint tone to it.  It's very mild, though.  It's mostly an earthy tobacco aroma with the subtle mint/menthol tone in the background.  The flavor is pretty much the same.  It's a straightforward, earthy, natural taste of tobacco accompanied by subtle, cooling tones of menthol.  The flavor longevity and nicotine strength is the same on this one as the others, as well.

Silverback Dark

Flavor Description:  "Rich tobacco profile"
Can Size:  20 grams
Strength:  Intensity Level 2

Review:  The aroma of this one is a rich, well rounded tobacco aroma.  It's robust in nature, and seems to have a subtle sweet note to it.  The flavor is, of course, about the same.  The tobacco taste carries through really well.  It's a rich, robust, earthy taste of tobacco.  It does have a faint, sweet note to it, but it's not too overpowering.  This one feels a little above the regular mark, in terms of strength.  The flavor, on average, lasts about the same as the other three.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with all of these.  The cans were pretty nice, with a slim size.  The tobacco itself is soft, and feels great under the lip.  The nicotine strengths were stable and steady on all of these, and they all had a long lasting flavor profile.  To rank them, Bold came in on top at 3.75/5, followed by Dark at 3.67/5, Classic at 3.58/5, and Green at 3.42/5.  But I really dig these.  

If you want to find them, they seem to be doing the test market model right now.  You can find it at Smoker Friendly in North Carolina, Missouri, and Colorado.  Also, folks in North Carolina can find it at Murphy USA.  Keep your eyes peeled, and hopefully this stuff will go national!


  1. Just a FYI to everyone, these are the same Makla products as sold a few years back that were pulled to re-brand as Silverback, and elsewhere in the world under various names. From the contact with Sifaco, I have been able to piece together the foreign equivalents:

    Keep in mind: these flavors were "grandfathered" in to tie in with FDA approval, so it is nothing brand new:

    "You are almost right : Silverback Dark is Makla Ifrikia and Silverback Classic is the Makla Platinum also known in Europe as Makla Africaine Bentchikou (this is the original real name)"

    So, we have:

    Silverback Classic: Makla Platinum (original name: Makla Africaine Bentchikou)
    Silverback Dark: Makla Ifrika
    Silverback Green: Africaine Al Kantara
    Silverback Bold: Makla Rouge Bouhlel Bentchicou

    I finally found them at Smoker Friendly in the Hickory, NC area, so best of luck to those searching for this: it seems it is not going anywhere this time, so I am sure distribution will improve. I hope this helps, these are unique, wonderful and strong Rustica-dominated tobaccos that sometimes have a barnyard smell at first but tasting completely different. After a can or two, you crave that smell along with ammonia, a sure sign of fresh product, which Snus fans will appreciate. The Classic (Makla Platinum) has a peppery taste almost akin to General Stark los. And to all new first timers: go easy on the pinch sizes, you only need a little - lick it with your tongue a few times and make a saliva pocket between the gum-facing side - that helps it kick in soo much more. It's a product I see myself always having in the rotation provided with easy store access (even though I live about a hour away from anywhere that carries it).


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