Jake's CBD Pouches - Review. 28 November 2020.

Thanks to Mrs. Snubie, I've been getting more and more into CBD lately.  It's one of the reasons I've added reviews of CBD products here on Snubie.com.  I've went from a casual reviewer to an everyday user.  I personally use Cannadips Wintergreen and Cannadips Mango, but I love trying out and reviewing new CBD products!  If you're not familiar with CBD, it's short for Cannabidiol, and is a naturally occurring compound in the hemp plant.  According to Drugs.com, "CBD is effective at relieving anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation, and improving sleep".  No, CBD is not marijuana, and no, CBD will not "Get you high" (I had these same worries when I first heard about it).  I've begun using it for headaches and back pains, and it's been a great addition to my lifestyle!

Jake's CBD Pouches contain mint leaf for the filler.  Each can weighs 11.33g and has 15 pouches, for 0.76g pouches.  Their website says each pouch contains 17mg of broad spectrum CBD per pouch.

Jake's CBD Pouches: Mint

When you open the can, a fresh, mint aroma greets you, along with a tea-like presence, and a mild sweetness.  The portions are plump, with moist contents, but not a super moist pouch.  They also come with a mild cooling sensation under the lip.  The flavor is a pretty gentle peppermint.  It is smooth in nature, and lightly sweet.  The flavor lasts around 35-45 minutes.  In terms of CBD, I didn't notice too much effect.

Jake's CBD Pouches: Citrus

When you open the can, a light lemon aroma greets you.  It is lightly tart, and has a hint of tea.  The portions, like the last ones, are plump, with moist contents and a semi-moist pouch.  The flavor is a mild, tart taste of lemon.  It's not super sweet, but does have a subtle sweetness to it.  The flavor lasts around 40-50 minutes on average.  In terms of the CBD effect, I didn't notice much with this one, either.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I averaged them together, and gave the Jake's CBD product line a 2.42/5.  I enjoyed the flavor of the citrus one more than the mint one, but both were pretty tasty.  I like the way the mint leaf comes across in the flavor.  

I think Jake's CBD Pouches would be a good alternative for people looking to quit dip, because the pouches are big and moist like with dip products.  The flavors would also appeal to dippers who enjoy mint and citrus flavors.  In terms of those looking for CBD pouches, I find more effect with others, such as Cannadips, for example.  But unlike snus, there aren't a ton of CBD pouch products, so I imagine people who are into this sort of thing will want to try out all the varieties, much like I was when I first started with snus!