Dryv Coffee Energy Pouches (Mint & Vanilla) - Review. 19 June 2020.

Today, I'm going to be reviewing a new alternative product, Dryv Coffee Energy Pouches. Dryv is much in the same vein as Grinds Coffee Pouches, and Baccoff Coffee Pouches, but these are different because they aren't as moist. But, more on that later.  I used to talk about these products as alternatives for people to use when quitting smokeless tobacco, but they're much more than that.  My wife has never used any kind of tobacco, but she enjoys using products like these at work to help keep her awake.  So they're a good alternative for people who use tobacco, and for those who don't!

Here's a look inside the Dryv pouches.  One thing you'll notice is that Dryv pouches are not as moist as Baccoff or Grinds. So with these, you don't get as much drip. Their website says the product contains nootropics to help support memory, mental speed, and focus. They contain L-Theanine for focus and attention, as well as B-12 for energy, mood, and memory. Each pouch contains 60mg of caffeine, which is the equivalent of half a cup of coffee.

Dryv Mint

Flavor Description: "Dryv Mint delivers a smooth coffee experience with just the right amount of sweet mint."
Can Contents:  14 grams, 15 portions, 0.93 grams each
Caffeine Amount:  60mg/pouch (1/2 cup coffee)

When you open the can, the aroma is a straight up black coffee smell with a touch of peppermint. The portions are a little on the dryer side, but as they get more moist they do get more comfortable in the lip. They’re also quite large in size. The flavor is a present taste of black coffee, and with a light, fresh touch of peppermint. As far as the caffeine goes, it’s got a pretty decent little kick to it. The flavor, on average, lasts about an hour!

Dryv Vanilla

Flavor Description: "Dryv Vanilla gives you a sweet, comforting, and balanced experience."
Can Contents:  14 grams, 15 portions, 0.93 grams each
Caffeine Amount:  60mg/pouch (1/2 cup coffee)

When you open the can, a smooth aroma of vanilla greets you along with a black coffee aroma in the background. The portions, again, are pretty dry but get more moist the longer you have them in. They’re quite large as well! As far as the taste goes, this was my favorite of the two. The flavor is a mix of rich, black coffee and smooth, creamy vanilla. The caffeine, like the last one, has a pretty decent little kick to it. The flavor also lasts about an hour.  In terms of the two, this one was my favorite.  It has a really nice taste, and I don't even drink coffee!  I would probably keep a can around, but I predict my wife will end up stealing whatever cans I have left of this.

Dryv is a pretty legit product.  I think people who find Baccoff or Grinds too moist will enjoy the format of this one.  If you want to get it, you can buy them - here!