Zyn Nicotine Pouches: Smooth (3mg & 6mg) - Reviews. 23 October 2019.

Swedish Match has released three new Zyn products into the US market: Citrus, Chill, and Smooth! I've reviewed the entire US and Swedish Zyn product line before, and I've watched it grow in popularity in the US, especially in light of the recent controversies concerning vaping. I checked the Zyn store locator, but haven't been able to find these locally. I was able to order them from Nicokick.com, a US based online shop that sells nicotine pouches.  If you're new to nicotine pouches, these are products that contain nicotine but no tobacco.  They're a great alternative for people who may want to quit tobacco but still enjoy nicotine!

The flavor description for Zyn Smooth says, it has an "unflavored experience for pure nicotine enjoyment". Each can weighs 6 grams and has 15 portions, for 0.4g portions. The strength levels are per pouch, so the 3mg is 3mg/portion, and the 6mg is 6mg/portion.

So, you may be asking - what is inside this Zyn stuff? Zyn contains flavor, non-tobacco filler, nicotine salts and pH balancers.  As I mentioned before, these nicotine pouches contain no tobacco, but they do contain nicotine.  So it looks completely different from other snus products or dip products you may have seen before.  The portions are also very flat, so that is a change if you're someone who uses snus or dip pouches.

The 3mg and 6mg products are virtually identical other than strength.  In terms of aroma - there isn't one.  The only real aroma I pick up is the portion material itself, and even that isn't that present.  The pouches are dry and flat, and may not be as comfortable at first, but the longer you have them in the more comfortable they get.  The flavor itself is - unflavored.  No, really.  I don't notice any flavor to these other than the portion material itself.  I imagine people who want to enjoy nicotine but without any kind of flavor to it are going to enjoy these. In terms of strength, the 3mg one feels to be close to a regular strength snus product. The 6mg strength is a little stronger, and will have a little more kick for those with higher nicotine needs. 

I'm excited to see Swedish Match launch more Zyn flavors in the US. Lots of people have been getting into Zyn, and it's good for them to have more options available to them!

Zyn Nicotine Pouches are available at Prilla.com!