FEDRS Nicpacks (Russian) - Review. 13 September 2019.

There are a LOT of new nicotine pouch products coming out of Russia. It seems like every day I see some new product line on Instagram.  I've seen Alfa, Corvus, Pablo, and many others.  I've also reviewed the Killa ones.  I've had requests to review some of them, so today I'll be talking about FEDRS.  A friend on Insta sent me some of these, and they've certainly been interesting to try out.  These products are made of pharmaceutical nicotine, which they apparently get from Switzerland. In addition to that, each product contains cellulose and flavoring. Apparently Russians like their nicotine, because these products definitely have it. They come in two levels, Level 4 (Light) and Level 8 (Extra Strong). “Light” has a nicotine content of 28mg/g, and “Extra Strong” has a nicotine strength of 55mg/g. Yes, this is the strongest product I’ve ever tried.  Each can seems to have between 20-22 portions.

So I don't repeat myself with each review, I want to touch on two things that's the same for each product: flavor longevity and nicotine.  I can't speak to how long the flavors last because, honestly, I can't keep them in that long; they're very, very strong.  I feel the nicotine within about 5 minutes and at 10 minutes my head is spinning.

FEDRS Barberry
Flavor Description:  "Favorite childhood candies of every generation".

I don't know what barberry is, but my friend Snus.biz told me it was a very popular sucking candy during the USSR era.  Wikipedia says it's a type of evergreen shrub, and apparently the small berries are used in jams.  The aroma is a very, very mild, non-sweet berry smell.  It's like an extremely muted cranberry.  The portions come with a burn in the lip once you put them in.  The flavor is like a very mild, non-sweet cranberry with a slight herbal hint to it.  I've never had barberry but that's the best I can do to describe it!

FEDRS Vanilla Cola
Flavor Description:  "Megamix of vanilla and cherry flavors".

I'm a big fan of the vanilla cola flavor.  When I make my own snus, it's one I make often.  When you open the can, the aroma is a mild mix of vanilla and cola.  It burns a bit when you smell it, and it also burns when you put it under the lip.  The flavor is pretty solid though, it's one I'd certainly dig in a snus.  It's a mildly sweet flavor of vanilla and cola.  I notice more vanilla than cola, but they're both there.

FEDRS Energy
Flavor:  "Energetic for extreme lovers".

Side note, as a hockey fan I really like this can design.  This one has a tangy, kind of energy drink smell to it.  When you a portion under the lip, like with the others, it has a mild burn to it.  The flavor has a very straightforward energy drink flavor.  It's pretty mild in nature, and not overly sweet or anything.  It's a little tangy, like with an energy drink.  So with this one, you get the energy drink taste, but a nicotine kick.

Flavor:  "The best taste of summer".

The aroma of this one is a very mild melon smell.  It seems reminiscent of cantaloupe.  It's not too sweet, either.  When you put a portion under the lip, you'll encounter a mild burning sensation, like with the other FEDRS products.  The flavor is a pretty mild flavor of melon, which reminds me mostly of cantaloupe.  It's not overly sweet, either.  It's a pretty gentle taste.

Flavor:  "Uncompromising aroma of fresh mint".

Like the energy one, I like the can design of this one.  I'm a hockey fan, so I like the hockey guy on the can.  The aroma of this one is seems to be a gentle smell of peppermint and menthol.  Like with other FEDRS products, I get a mild burn in the lip, but also a light cooling sensation since this is a mint product.  The flavor seems to be a really light, mild taste of peppermint.  It's not super sweet, either.  It does have a little sweetness to it, but it's not overdone.

Flavor:  "Ripe pear - bright colors of summer".

This one has a pretty mild aroma of pear.  It's not really in your face, and not overly sweet.  Like with other FEDRS products, you'll encounter a little burn when you put one of these under your lip.  The flavor is a pretty mild taste of pear.  Like the aroma, it's not overly sweet, either.  I don't notice much else, it's pretty much just the flavor of pair.

FEDRS Spearmint
Flavor:  "The taste of the legendary chewing gum".

This one has a mild spearmint smell.  It's got a little sweetness to it, but not too much.  Like with the mint one, you get a little burn when you put one of these under your lip, but also a light cooling presence since it's a mint product.  The flavor is a pretty straightforward spearmint taste. It's mild, and gentle in nature.  There is a little sweetness to it, but it's not overdone.  It tastes a lot like spearmint gum, like the flavor description mentions.

One takeaway I had from all these products was that they weren't overly sweet.  I don't know if that's a characteristic of Russian flavor profiles, but I did notice that.  I'm glad I got to review these, but it was definitely a challenge to get through them.  They are incredibly strong.  If you're a nicotine junkie, you may like the kick these have.