Store Redesign and Giveaway! 11 November 2014.

The e-Store has been upgraded and redesigned, and it looks awesome. The design is more sleek and modern, but the color scheme is consistent with the old SnusCENTRAL store. The redesign process started about 3 years ago.  They listened to a lot of feedback from their customers and set out to create the best possible snus shopping experience. The store is now easier to navigate and it's much easier for customers to find the products they are looking for.

So the design is not only cosmetic, but it's also in functionality as well.  I got to help do some beta testing on the new store before it went live and one thing I noticed was how user friendly the new site is.  I could definitely tell that the user was the focus on the new store design.

Some of my favorite parts of the new store:

• There are some cool artistic photos at the bottom of the main page and they add an extra “oomph” to the site.
• They sell Swedish Candy now.
• The manufacturer section has a background/history of each manufacturer.
• The brands section has a background of each brand - very informative and a great inclusion.
• The addition of “New” and “10 +5” graphics on the products that are new and the products that are currently on sale.
• The fonts are appealing and modern.
• The “available since” inclusion on the product description page.
• High res product images.
• Product images say  “out of stock” before you even go into the product page - that’s a neat inclusion.
• Moe Unz's Blog - this is something I've been wanting to see for a long time.  I know a lot of folks love Moe Unz and it's cool to read his opinions on snus.

Snubie New Snus User Selection
I also worked with Moe Unz about adding a “Snubie New User Selection” to the store, which I’m glad to see. I get tons of emails and usually suggest pretty much the same thing to everyone who is new to snus, so SnusCENTRAL added a package of 10 cans that I recommend everyone new to snus try. So now it’s easy for me to say “this package has everything you need in a new snus order” to help people who are new to snus.  I've been a fan of the SnusCENTRAL e-store for a long time, it's where I placed my first order.  So to me, it's special to now have a selection of my own suggestions on the first e-store that I ordered from.  I appreciate them doing that for me.

Customer Appreciation Competition
The new store is doing a Customer Appreciation Competition. It’s open to anyone who places an order at the store between 11 November 2014 and 31 December 2014. Any subsequent orders will give you an extra entry with each order. The winners will be notified 7 January 2014 to the email address on your order, and winners must respond within 7 days or they forfeit their prize. The contest is open worldwide where legal. You may pick any snus carried on the website except for limited edition or collectible items. The max value is 6$ per can, though I can’t think of anything that costs more than that.

Now, the prizes:
Grand Prize (1 winner) - two free rolls of your choice every month for a year.
First Prize (10 winners) - two free rolls of snus.
Second Prize (10 winners) - one free roll of snus.
Third Prize (10 winners) - one free bag o’ snus sampler (choice of portion, loose or portion AND loose)

So they’re giving away 640 total cans of snus in this contest.