Gringo Portion Snus. (Discontinued) 29 December 2013.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

When I reviewed Gringo Los 2 years ago, I remarked how much I really would love to see a portion format of this snus. Well, the day has come and Gringo Portion is here! At this time, Gringo is coming in a pouch, not in a can, but I'm not complaining, because I love this snus and I'm glad I can enjoy it on the go! I spoke with Daniel from Gringo Snus and he told me a little bit about the new setup for portions and pouches.
- 10 portions, 10 grams
- Tobacco taste with discreet hints of flowers and herbs
- Hermetically sealed bag
- Environmentally friendly packaging material - Consumes less pocket space
- Aluminum inner lining, the perfect barrier against light, air, moisture and bacteria provides freshness over a longer period of time

The snus itself is very much the same great taste as I reviewed in December of 2011, "'s a very rich and earthy tobacco flavor that's a little smokey and has a nice salt balance to it. Though I don't get the floral notes, I do get a nice rich flavor that matures into a spicy tobacco taste the longer you have it. Not spicy in the Extreme/pepper sense, but in a well flavored, and full bodied tobacco." I'm glad this taste carried through to the portion counterpart and wasn't as muted as some snuses can become when translated from lossnus to portion snus. All in all, a great snus, and I'm very glad to see it's in portions now! If you don't dig the bags, just save a can of snus and dump the portions in there. I can fit two bags worth (20 portions) of Gringo into a regular size snus can. Right now it's on sale at!