New Icetool Lid Can! 6 April 2011.

Icetool really knows how to make snusing sexy. Not just with the Icetool which makes forming a pris of lossnus super easy, but with neat little containers to carry around your snus. They recently released the new Icetool Lid Box, as it is being called. Recently I wrote a review of the super sleek Icetool Slim Box which now will be accommodating my lossnus as the new lid box will be great for carrying portions on the go! So, what's changed, and what's new in this new offering from Icetool? Quite a lot! The can is a little bit bigger than the slim can, but still made of sleek and sexy aluminum and just the right size to fit comfortably in my pocket when I'm out on the town and don't wanna carry around a snus can, or just wanna make a statement at the bar/club. These are an attention getter, that's for sure.

As you notice when the cans open up, they have the o-ring around the top part of the can which attaches the lid nice and snug. After adding a catch lid they attached an o-ring on the inside of the catch lid as well to make sure it doesn't go flying off into space for any particular reason. It all comes together with a snug and secure fit. The can may look bulky but it's surprisingly lightweight. The lid comes off with a quick inserting of the fingernail, as does the catch lid at the top. Another great plus for the o-ring is that it keeps the snus inside super fresh!

So you may be wondering how much snus will fit in the new Icetool Lid Can. Upon testing it I was pleasantly surprised to see that it fit quite a lot! I was able to fit a full can of Click (White Portion) in the can, and a full can of Grov Original Portion in the can as well. So it has quite a bit of room to carry around your favorite snuses. When I'm out and about and want to carry around a variety of snuses I'll throw 3 or 4 each of my favorites in the can to carry around with me so I don't have to lug 4 cans with me when I'm out on the town.

Another review mentioned the ability to mix and match los and portions - which I think is pretty cool. I can put about 3/4 can of los in the bottom part and about 8-10 portions in the catch lid for days that I'm not sure what I want to bring with me. A great way to mix and match using the new Icetool Lid Can. All in all, a pretty stellar release from Icetool. I can't wait to see what they come up with next as it seems each release just gets better and better. You can pick up your can from or any participating webstore!