XPCT Mint Nicotine Pouches (Big Can and Tube) - Review. 12 March 2024.

I've been seeing these XPCT "big cans" and "tubes" online a lot lately, and I've been quite curious to check them out!  I was browsing around on SnusExpress.com the other day and saw that they sold them all, so I order a big box of all of these to try out. These products are pretty interesting, because they save you money by buying in bulk.  But also, you aren't wasting a lot of cans since they include one for you to refill.  That, in turn, is a good thing for the Earth!  So, if you've been curious about these XPCT products, let's check them out!  Manufacturer wise, these are made by a company in Sweden called LIW Innovation.

Here's the big can opened up.  These also have a catch lid, and inside the catch lid on top you'll find a single can that you can refill and reuse!  Note, this big can will not fit in your pocket.  I wear cargo shorts and trust me, I've tried.  The flavor description for this one says, "A fresh and biting flavor of pure peppermint".  Each can weighs 160 grams and has 320 pouches, for 0.5 grams each.  The nicotine content for this one (and the tube) sits at 16mg/g, or 8mg/pouch.

As far as the tube goes, it weighs 80 grams.  There are 160 pouches in each tube, weighing 0.5 grams each.   The top of the tube twists off to reveal the pouches inside.  Inside the little twist off compartment of each tube there's also a spare can that you can fill and reuse as you want!

These pouches are decently moist when they arrive, so I don't add any moisture to them.  But they did have some guidance on moisture you can add to them if you want to make them more moist, so I made a quick spreadsheet on how you can do that.  Basically, you mist it on, and put it in cold storage for 24 hours.

So, how is the product itself?  Well, I filled up one of the little cans so we can check it out and do a review of this one!  In the aroma department, it's a pretty fresh aroma of peppermint.  It's lightly sweet, and seems to perhaps have a little menthol in the mix.  The pouch is slim, and semi-moist.  It's pretty soft, and has a nice feel in the lip.  It is lighter in weight than others out there, but it doesn't feel too "small" or anything.  It also has a nice cooling sensation in the lip from the mint flavor profile.  In the taste, I pick up a pretty fresh taste of mint.  It's a light peppermint, with just a touch of menthol in the mix and a gentle sweetness to it.  In the nicotine, it feels about regular and has a nice delivery to it.  The flavor hangs out about 35-40 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one is your pretty standard, run of the mill mint product.  I rated it at 3.08/5.  It's nothing amazing, but not horrible.  To me, it's about average.  If you're a mint fan though, this is a great way to save money and it has a pretty decent quality to it, so I think you'll be pretty pleased if you like this sort of thing.  So, about the cost savings.  The big can cost $39.50, or $0.12 per pouch.  That breaks down to just $2.47 a can, which is cheaper than a lot of mint products out there.  The tube is $26.90, or $0.16 per pouch.  That sits at $3.36 per can.  That's on par with others, and cheaper than some others.  The better cost saving method for this flavor is to go for the big can.

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