Artisan Signature Blend (Original & White Portion) Review - 9 August 2022.

To say this is an exciting release for me is an understatement.  Today, we are talking about my latest collaboration!  This is Artisan Signature Blend, a snus I made with The Snus Factory in Sweden.  Signature Blend is our flagship product, and is a snus with no added flavor, completely focused on the tobacco taste!  Artisan is my first full time, continuously produced snus line, and launches with these two flavors, as well as Dark Vanilla (Original Portion) and Espresso (Original Portion).  This line was developed, top to bottom, with the snus community.  Snusers helped me select the product name, flavors, strengths, portion formats, and can designs that would make up this snus line!  Also, the design was done by a Snubie friend, Leon Bellenger, because I wanted the snus community involved with this every step of the way.  He helped bring my rough sketch to life, and I think it looks great!

From top to bottom, Artisan is focused on quality.  As you can see on the side of the can, we add a craft seal with my signature that I signed off personally on the batch.  In an industry first, we list the tobaccos that go into each product we make.  Artisan Snus uses the best, hand-selected tobaccos from around the world.  For Signature Blend, we used only dark, air cured tobacco sourced from Guatemala, India, and the United States.  Artisan clocks in at the Stark, or Strong, level, a nicotine strength selected by the snus community for this product.  Signature Blend is our flagship brand, so it comes in original portion, and white portion!  The portions have a unique, breathable fiber that allows for quick flavor release and long lasting flavor.  I tested multiple portion materials before we picked the perfect one for Artisan Snus.

Signature Blend (Original Portion)

Flavor Description: "Contains no added flavor. Dark, air-cured tobacco yields a flavor that is rustic, raw, natural, and earthy. A specially designed portion material and optimized moisture amount to release a bold, present flavor". 
Can Contents:  18 grams, 20 portions, 0.9 grams each
Nicotine Strength:  12mg/g (1.2%) / 10.8mg/portion

When you open the can, the aroma is absolutely beautiful.  It's a rich, dark, earthy tobacco aroma.  I pick up subtle hints of oak, as well.  The portions are moist, with a soft feel, and a plump pouch.  For only 0.9g they fill out the lip very well.  The flavor release comes on quite quickly once you put one under the lip.  The flavor though, that's where this one shines.  The taste is a very raw tobacco flavor.  Remember, no flavor added, so all you taste is the tobacco!  The tobacco taste is rich, and semi-spicy.  It is dark in nature, darker than others I've had before.  I also pick up notes of oak in the background.  The nicotine delivers at the strong level, but has a steady delivery and isn't super spiky or jagged.  It's not too weak, but not too strong.  The flavor lasts a solid amount of time, usually up to almost 50 minutes!  Sometimes a little more.
Signature Blend (White Portion)

Flavor Description: "Contains no added flavor. Dark, air-cured tobacco yields a flavor that is rustic, raw, natural, and earthy. A specially designed portion material and optimized moisture amount which delivers a long lasting, gentle flavor experience with less drip". 
Can Contents:  16 grams, 20 portions, 0.8 grams
Nicotine Strength:  15mg/g (1.5%) / 12mg/portion

While I am usually partial to original portion, since this is the signature edition of the Artisan line we wanted to make a white portion, too.  And this one is quite impressive for a white portion product.  In the aroma, I pick up a pretty present aroma for a white portion.  A mellow, dark tobacco present with subtle notes of oak and almost a light smoke character.  In the lip, the white portions are quite plump for 0.8g, almost feeling like a 1 gram pouch!  The portion material is soft, breathable, and has a quicker release of flavor than most white portions!  In the flavor profile, it's like Signature Original, but more mellow.  I pick up a raw tobacco base, with a dark character.  There are subtle notes of wood, and an earthy nature to the flavor profile.  This one is technically stronger in nicotine than the other one, but it doesn't feel too strong.  It still feels to deliver at the stark/strong level.  The flavor lasts up to an hour, but yesterday I had one in for two hours!

Wrap-Up / Final Thoughts

No, I won't be doing a rating on this one.  People asked me why I review my own products and I remind them that I'm basically the only snus reviewer left.  Everyone else has faded away over the years.  And if I did a rating, it would probably be 9000 out of 5, so I'll just leave you with this:  this is a great snus.  If it wasn't mine, I would still be very impressed with it.  The snus industry has been moving away from snus for so long and focusing on nicotine pouches, that Artisan is my love letter to the snus community, a way to show them that they weren't forgotten.  Artisan is YOUR line.  We made it together, and I'm so proud of it.  And, there are many more products to come!  I also want to give a massive thanks to The Snus Factory, for believing in my vision, and our production manager Amy, and the team involved that helped bring this product line to life.  It could not have happened without the folks involved who helped make Artisan Snus happen.

Artisan is now available!  If you want to know where to get it, hit the link below!