Volt Pearls (Midnight Mint) Nicotine Pouches - Review. 19 May 2022.

Swedish Match launched the Volt series a few years back, and it's growing to become one of the more popular nicotine pouch ranges out there.  It has a mix of flavors, and strengths.  But, Swedish Match decided to do something different.  Never tired of innovating, the Swedish juggernaut has launched a new addition to the Volt lineup:  Pearls.  This is how they describe this series:  "Volt Pearls - a whole lot more.  VOLT Pearls is a completely new type of nicotine pouch and has a unique release technology. Instead of the usual "filling" you find in nicotine pouches, VOLT Pearls have small pearls that give the bag a unique feeling when used and also create a balanced and efficient delivery of taste and nicotine."

In this review, we'll be talking about the Midnight Mint one.  The flavor description says, "An incredibly refreshing experience with the flavors of sharp, cool peppermint and icy-fresh menthol".  Each can weighs 14.7 grams and has 21 pouches, for 0.7 grams each.  The nicotine content is 13.7mg/pouch, which in total is around 19.57mg/g.

You already knew I was going to cut one open, because it's what I do.  I was curious to see these Pearls more in depth.  This is how they describe the Pearls:  "The Pearls technology means that the contents of the bags have been compressed into small, tiny pearls and then each pearl has been given a coating of aroma."  As you can see from the photo to your left, sure enough, they're little pearls.  We'll talk more later on how they feel in the mouth, but I wanted to do a more closeup look at what these actually look like.

You already knew there was going to be a mint one.  Because, why not.  When you open the can, you'll encounter a smooth, sweet aroma of peppermint.  I don't get much menthol, it's mostly peppermint.  The pouches are interesting; they're definitely different from regular Volt.  They're more dry, and the Pearls in the pouch do feel different against the gum than regular Volt.  They're not uncomfortable, just different.  It does have a nice cooling presence in the lip, due to the inclusion of mint in the flavor.  In the taste, it's mostly a smooth, sweet taste.  It's a pretty present peppermint flavor, with a faint menthol character in the back.  The nicotine level is strong, and the flavor lasts about 45-50 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one was a pretty standard, run of the mill mint.  If you've had Volt Cool Crisp, it's basically that, but with the Pearls technology.  I rated this one at 3.21/5.  I didn't notice too much difference from regular Volt, honestly.  I did notice the flavor was pretty pronounced, which could be due to the Pearls tech, but I didn't notice a major difference in nicotine release.  All in all, it wasn't too bad.  If you like mint, you may enjoy this one.  I grabbed it from Snusdirect, so if you want to, it's available there.