Trift Snus (Switzerland) - Review. 31 December 2021.

Believe it or not, from time to time, there are new snus products released.  Yes, today we're talking about three, actual, honest to goodness snus products with tobacco in them.  It's the little things.  I was browsing the Instagram lately (as I imagine the kids call it), and found a company in Switzerland called "Leaf Bakery".  I'm not sure if they're an actual bakery or not, but here's their website for these snus products.  They have three products:  one with a mint flavor, one with a lavender flavor, and one with a tobacco flavor.  Before we get into the reviews, I'll cover the can contents.  I counted between 22-24 portions per can, with the portions weighing between 0.39-0.59 each.  This generally happens with new companies, as they're working out the kinks.

Trift Raw

Flavor Description:  "A high quality and traditional snus with an excellent taste."
Nicotine Level:  3/4

Review:  When you open the can, an earthy tobacco aroma greets you with light wood notes, and a light touch of leather.  The pouches are slim, pretty soft, but semi-dry in nature.  The flavor is quite good though.  The tobacco base is mild with a slight herbal character.  I pick up hints of wood, a little leather, and some pepper.  The nicotine level on this one feels to be about strong, and the flavor lasts about an hour, on average.

Trift Mint

Flavor Description:  "The freshness of the Swiss mountain air with a touch of mint."
Nicotine Level:  4/4

Review:  When you open the can, you'll notice a gentle aroma of peppermint.  It's slightly herbal, and has hints of tobacco.  The portions are slim, semi-dry, and pretty soft.  You'll also get a light cooling in the lip, because it's a mint product.  In the flavor, it seems to be an herbal / peppermint mix.  It's mild in nature, with a light tobacco backing and a little pepper.  The nicotine feels a little above strong, and the flavor lasts about an hour.

Trift Lavender

Flavor Description:  "A floral, fruity, and herb-enriched snus."
Nicotine Level:  2/4

Review:  The aroma of this one is pretty interesting.  It's a floral sweetness with a slight herbal hint to it.  There's a mild pepper smell, along with a light tobacco background.  The pouch is slim, soft, and semi-dry in nature.  In the taste, it's an herbal, peppery taste with light herbal notes.  The tobacco base is mild, but I can dig it out of the background.  The nicotine level feels about regular, and the flavor lasts about an hour, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

All in all, I was pretty impressed with their initial offerings.  Plus, it's nice to see new snus products on the market.  Raw (the tobacco one) came out on top, at 3.5/5.  Next was the Lavender one at 3.42/5.  Lately, Mint came in at 3.08/5.  I'm not sure if they sell these outside of Switzerland, but for those in Switzerland who want to try out a tasty new snus, check it out.  It's pretty good.  Plus, I love seeing companies putting new products on the market.  So, show them some support!  The more folks buying snus products, the more we can take the market back.