Stokers Mint (Long Cut) Dip - Review. 6 September 2021.

Recently I announced that is getting back to basics - and that means more tobacco content.  I've had some requests to review American moist snuff/dipping tobacco, and as a tobacco enthusiast I figured what the heck, why not.  I'm a snus guy, don't get me wrong.  But I do enjoy all things tobacco!  I still believe snus to be the best harm reduced option for smokeless tobacco enjoyment/smoking cessation.  But these products are a fun break from time to time.  I've never used Stokers before, but it was one that came highly recommended when I asked around to find out what people wanted to see me review.  Stokers goes back to 1940 (about 81 years now) when it was founded in West Tennessee by Fred Stoker.  It's a family run business, now being steered by Bobby Stoker.  They use 100% American tobacco, primarily sourced from Tennessee and Kentucky.  Their long cut is said to be longer than other long cuts, as well.

Product Details
Flavor Description:  "When you combine the bold taste that comes from a long cut tobacco with the refreshing taste of mint, then you’ve got a snuff that’s as refreshing as it sounds."
Can Contents:  1.2oz / 34.02g
Nicotine Strength:  Northerner puts it as a 2 out of 5, and one source I found online had it listed at 3.8mg/g.

Of course, American moist snuff is a fermented product.  This means that you'll need to spit your saliva.  Traditionally, it is put in the lower lip.  However, as a snuser, I don't use it the regular way.  I take a pinch (without packing the can), and throw it in my upper lip.  That means less salivary gland contact and less spit.  Basically, I use it like regular lös snus.

When you open the can, a fresh, subdued aroma of peppermint greets you.  It has a subtle sweetness to it, as well.  I pick up notes of hickory and smoke, along with a mild, earthy tobacco base.  Compared to other long cuts, I do notice this one to have a longer cut to it.  It's moist, and packs well in the lip.  The flavor starts off with a rich, earthy tobacco base.  It's complimented by a fresh, gentle peppermint.  It has a faint sweetness to it, but it certainly isn't overdone.  I pick up notes of hickory and smoke in the background, as well.  In terms of strength, an average pinch feels about regular strength.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 40-50 minutes, which is about how long I usually keep a pinch in for.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.63/5.  I'm not the biggest mint user, but I was pretty impressed with this one.  One thing I like about mint dip over mint snus is that you get so much more in the flavor profile than just mint. With mint dip products, you can taste the tobacco in  a major way.  You pick up notes of wood, and smoke.  It's more complex than just a straightforward mint taste.  On the subject of Stokers, I do notice the long cut to be longer than the regular long cut.  It packs very well in the lip, and is quite easy to work with!  If you want to try out a good long cut product, check out Stokers!  

Disclaimer:  I'm still a snus guy.  If you're looking to switch from smoking to a safer form of smokeless tobacco, I still encourage Swedish Snus being that option.  In my opinion, Swedish Snus is the most enjoyable, safest oral smokeless tobacco product available.  Dip is a fun excursion from time to time, but I still encourage snus usage over dip usage.  If you want to learn more about Swedish Snus, you can check out our Snus FAQ here, or this informative video about snus, here.