Klint Nicotine Pouches (Mint, Strengths 1-3) - Review. 26 April 2021

Klint is a new line of nicotine pouches made in Sweden.  I know, it seems like a new line of these products get launched every few days, but I must say - I've been impressed with these.  I had a talk with them and got to know them a little better recently.  They’re made in Stockholm Sweden, and were founded in 2018.  One thing that impressed me about them is that they focus more on quality than strength.  That’s something most companies are sorely missing these days.  The Klint line, of course, has a mint flavor.  And not just that, a mint flavor that comes in four strengths.  In this review, I'll be talking about strengths level 1, 2, and 3.  In terms of the products, they're all basically the same other than the strengths. But, I'll talk about all three separately so let's get into it!

Klint Mint (Strength Level 1)
Flavor Description:  "A soothing flavor of mint to satisfy your senses".
Can Contents:  16.8 grams, 24 portions, 0.7g portions
Nicotine Strength:  4mg/g (0.4%) or 2.8mg/portion
Review:  All three of these are similar, but the only difference is really the strength.  The aroma of their mint products is a sharp, lightly sweet aroma of peppermint.  The portions are slim, comforatble in the lip, with a soft portion material.  The flavor is pretty refreshing; peppermint is present, sharp, and lightly sweet in nature.  For this one, the strength is lower, and feels less than regular strength.  In terms of flavor longevity, it hovers around 40-45 minutes.

Klint Breeze Mint (Strength Level 2)
Flavor Description:  "A crisp, polar breeze of mint on your senses".
Can Contents:  16.8 grams, 24 portions, 0.7g portions
Nicotine Strength:  8mg/g (0.8%) or 5.6mg/portion
Review:  This one is basically identical to the last one other than the nicotine.  It feels a little less than regular strength, but still stronger than the Level 1 version.

Klint Polar Mint (Strength Level 3)
Flavor Description: "The advance flavor of Polar Mint for your curiosity". 
Can Contents:  16.8 grams, 24 portions, 0.7g portions
Nicotine Strength:  12mg/g (1.2%) or 8.4mg/portion
Review:  This one, of course, similar to the other two, other than the strength.  This one feels to be around the strong level.  So the other two are going to feel a little lower in strength, with this one being the stronger of the three.  It's not overbearing or anything, though.  They do make a Level 4 variant called Freeze, which comes in at 16mg/g.  I'll probably review that one at a later date.

Rating and Final Thoughts

Now, I'm not the biggest fan of mint nicotine pouches.  Mainly, because there's so, so, so many of them out there.  But, every company has to make them.  Their line would be incomplete without them.  That being said, these weren't bad, by any means.  Decent, fresh tasting mint products.  I rated Level 2 at 3.17/5, Level 3 at 3.08/5, and Level 1 at 3/5.  All in all, pretty average.  If you're a mint lover, you'd probably enjoy these.  I like the other Klint favors better (it's a pretty impressive line), such as Honeydew and Lime.  But if you dig mint, you could do worse than these.

If you're looking to try it, I see SnusMe.com stocks it for the US, and SnusBolaget.se stocks it for Sweden!