Klint Nicotine Pouches: Lime - Review. 26 April 2021.

Klint is a new line of nicotine pouches made in Sweden.  I know, it seems like a new line of these products get launched every few days, but I must say - I've been impressed with these.  I had a talk with them and got to know them a little better recently.  They’re made in Stockholm Sweden, and were founded in 2018.  One thing that impressed me about them is that they focus more on quality than strength.  That’s something most companies are sorely missing these days.  Today we're talking about Klint Lime.  I was excited to try this one because the folks at Lyft no longer allow Lyft Lime to be available outside of Sweden, so those of us who like a lime product with a beer were out of luck.  The flavor description for this one says, “The rich and sweet citrusy lime flavor gives you a refreshing sensation”.  Each can weighs 16.8g and has 24 portions, for 0.7g portions.  The nicotine content is 8mg/g, which breaks down to 5.6mg/portion.

If you've read my blog long, you know I'm a big fan of IPAs.  One of my favorite things to do has always been pairing products with beer.  For years, I was partial to Lyft Lime.  It takes the tobacco taste out of the product, so I'm simply enjoying a lime taste along with my beer.  I'm a snus lover, but for this type of pairing I've become partial to nicotine pouches.  Now that Lyft Lime is no longer available to folks outside of Sweden, I've been pairing this one with it.  In terms of pairability (pairbility?) with beer, I've given this one a solid 5/5.  I know that's not in my final ranking, but it's something that is important to me as a consumer and IPA lover.

So, how's the product itself?  Well, if you dig citrus or lime flavors like I do, you'll find the taste to be pretty good!  And, as I mentioned above, it's got a high score in terms of beer pairing.  But, we'll start at the beginning.  In the aroma, I pick up a tart, natural presence of lime.  It's not over the top, not super sweet, and pretty well balanced.  I find the portions pretty comfortable, they're slim fit in the lip with a nice portion material.  The flavor is quite good.  It's a natural, tart flavor of lime.  It's not too overbearing, and not super sweet, which I like.  The strength feels a little below regular strength, but not too lacking.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 40-45 minutes on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this one.  And, it's become my new go-to for beer pairing.  I rated it at 3.58/5, which may sound low for a product I enjoyed.  But, I don't really use nicotine pouches so they do rate a little lower for me.  In terms of nicotine pouches as a whole, this is one of the higher ones I've rated.  The whole Klint line is solid.  If you're into nicotine pouches, this is definitely a line to check out.  It's got a wide range of flavors, strengths, and some pretty classy cans!

If you're looking to try it, I see SnusMe.com stocks it for the US, and SnusBolaget.se stocks it for Sweden!