Rococo Nicotine Pouches - Review. 2 March 2021.

Today, I'm going to be talking about a series of nicotine pouches from China.  Yes, the nicotine pouch craze is truly worldwide.  These are pouches made and sold in China.  As far as the name goes, I wasn't sure at first.  Rococo is an ornate style of architecture that originated at the end of the Baroque movement (17th-18th century).  I also thought it could be a tribute to the rococo style of music, which was developed out of the Baroque style.  It's known to be a really elaborate style of music.  Bach's sons, for example, practiced it.  I heard back from the folks that make this stuff, and they told me is Rococo is their brand.  There's a language barrier, but it's either the 12th anniversary of the brand, or the 12th anniversary of their company.  Not sure.  Now, with that bonus lesson on music and architecture, let's get back into review mode and talk about these nicotine pouches.

Can Contents
In each can, I counted 24 portions.  Each can weighs in at 8 grams, which would mean the portions are 0.33g each.  The bottom of the can says the nicotine strength is 20mg/g (2.0%), which would be 6.6mg/portion.  These portions are slim, and pretty dry.  They're kind of like elongated Zyn portions (the US dry/mini Zyn).  To cover a couple of other things these have in common (so as not to repeat myself in the reviews), I'll talk about nicotine and flavor longevity real quick.  All of these feel to be about regular strength, due to the lighter portion weight and less nicotine per portion.  The flavor longevity seems to hover around 30-35 minutes on average.  Now, with all that done, let's get into the reviews for each one and we'll talk about the flavors!

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry):  Mango Flavor

When you open the can, a mild, tropical aroma of mango greets you.  In the flavor, it's a nice taste of mango.  It's tropical, fresh, and pretty natural in nature!

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry):  Grönmynta (Green Mint)

The aroma of this one is a light, faint aroma of peppermint.  In the flavor, the peppermint flavor is very, very mild.  It's gentle in nature, and very lightly sweet.

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry): Grönt Äpple (Green Apple)

The aroma of this one is a mild, light aroma of green apple.  In the flavor, the apple taste is pretty natural.  It's light, and semi-tart/semi-sweet at the same time.

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry): Koks Flavor (Cola)

Yes, go ahead and get your jokes in.  "Har har, Chad is putting Koks in his mouth".  Koks, in Swedish, translates to "Coke" in English, so I'm assuming this is cola flavored.  In the aroma, I don't notice very much, maybe a very, very faint aroma of cola.  In the taste, the cola flavor is incredibly light, and subtly sweet in nature.

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry): Citron Flavor (Citrus)

When you open the can, this one has a subtle, very mild aroma of citrus.  It's kind of like a lemon/lime smell.  In the flavor, it's very mild, and semi-tart.  It seems to be lime and lemon, but perhaps with a little more lime.

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry): Blåbär Flavor (Blueberry)

When you open the can, this one has a very light smell of blueberry.  The blueberry flavor is also rather light.  It comes through in a gentle, mildly sweet way.

Rococo Nicotine Pouches (Slim White Dry): Rose Flavor

So, of all of them, this one was my favorite.  I love floral flavors and aromas, and this one seems to be more present in the aroma/flavor category than any of the other ones I've tried so far.  The wife grows roses in our front garden, so I'm definitely used to the smell!  When you open the can, a sweet, refreshing floral smell of rose greets you.  The flavor is nice, fresh, and sweet.  The rose taste is pretty present, and natural!  I wasn't sure how this would taste, but after spending some time with it, I really found myself enjoying it!

Rating and Final Thoughts

So, first we'll cover what they all have in common, and then we'll go top to bottom on which ones I liked the most.  The design of all of these was pretty average, nothing really stood out about it.  In the lip, I'm not a big fan of the portions.  They're too dry.  I like a moist portion.  In terms of nicotine, it was satisfactory, but the flavor didn't seem to last too long.  So, how did they rate?  Well, Rose and Mango were my two favorite - they seemed to have the most present flavor.  Both landed at 2.33 out of 5.  Followed up by Green Apple at 2.17/5, Blueberry and Cola at 2.17/5, Citrus at 2.08/5, and Green Mint bringing up the rear at 1.92/5.  If I was in China, and these were all I had access to, I'd be fine using the Rose and Mango ones, they were pretty tasty.