Grüvi Golden Lager (Non Alcoholic) Beer - Review. 5 February 2021.

It's time for another non alcoholic beer review!  Today, we're going to be talking about one from Grüvi Brewing!  This is their Golden beer, or Golden Lager.  Usually, I'm an IPA or pale ale kinda guy, so this is definitely the sort of thing I usually go for.  When it comes to their description of this beer, it says, "This is our version of the classic American lager: light, crisp, & crushable. You’ll never miss your old “light” beer again. We brew each batch using centennial hops, which are known for their balanced bitterness and light citrus aromas."  The ABV is said to be 0.3%, and I couldn't find an IBU for it.

Now that we've done all the fun background stuff, we can get into what you actually came for and talk about the beer!  When you pour this one into a glass, it pours a darker golden color.  It has a light to medium body, along with a moderate/medium amount of carbonation.  In the aroma, I pick up a nice smell of malt, some sweetness, and a light toasted character with a lighter amount of hops.  In the mouth, it's a thin to moderate body, along with a medium amount of carbonation.  The flavor is pretty crisp.  It's relatively smooth and mellow, along with a toasted malt flavor.  It's lightly sweet, and has a lower hop flavor/light bitterness.  It finishes light, clean, and smooth.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I ended up giving this one a 3.33/5.  It's a pretty solid beer.  While I don't do lagers often, this was definitely an enjoyable one that I could see myself buying more of.  It's one I'd probably have with a meal, because it definitely has a lot of pairing ability in the flavor profile.  If you like lagers and are going NA, this would be a good one to check out!