28 June 2020

Nordic Icon #2 and #3 (Norway) All White - Reviews. 28 June 2020.

Back in 2019, I reviewed two Nordic Icon products. A friend of mine recently sent me a couple to review from Norway, so today I'm going to be talking about Nordic Icon #2 Smooth Blue and Nordic Icon #3 Intense Blue - two mint flavored Nordic Icon products. These products contain chewing gum base like Nordic Spirit, but also a small share of white tobacco as well.  So they're more of an all white product like G4 or Epok, since they actually contain white tobacco. The white tobacco is most likely refined in a water based process like Epok and G4, as well.

In Norway, snus cans come in this color, also known as Pantone 448 C, or 'opaque couché'. According to a survey, it is "the world's ugliest color". Also, cans in Norway have no graphics on them, they only have the name of the product. I personally like the cans and the color. I find the design simple, and minimalist. So their effort to make snus less attractive did not work on me.

Nordic Icon No2 Smooth Blue S3

Flavor:  "With the right amount of fresh menthol, along with a sweeter peppermint, this provides a perfectly balanced mint flavor. Anise salt and undertones add a classic Swedish snuff character."
Contents:  13g, 20 portions, 0.65g portions.
Nicotine:  14mg/g (1.4%) / 9.1mg/portion
When you open the can, a gentle, lightly sweet peppermint smell greets you along with a faint hint of menthol. The portions are soft, but a little dry. They’re still comfortable in the lip, though. Also, it comes with a mild cooling presence due to the mint flavor. The taste is a very mild mint taste. It’s a gentle peppermint flavor, with a light amount of sweetness. The strength feels to be a hair above regular, and the flavor lasts about 35-40 minutes on average.

Nordic Icon No3 Intense Blue S4

Flavor:  "For those who want a long lasting and high nicotine experience along with a wonderful taste of fresh mint."
Contents:  13g, 20 portions, 0.65g portions
Nicotine:  17mg/g (1.7%) / 11.05mg/portion

When you open the can, the aroma is a lightly sweet present peppermint smell. The portions, again, are a little on the dryer side, but they’re still comfortable under the lip. Like the last one, you’ll encounter a nice cooling presence under the lip with this one, as well. The taste is a present taste of peppermint. It’s lightly sweet, and not overdone in that aspect. The nicotine feels to be around the strong level, and the flavor lasts about 35-40 minutes on average.

Both of these were pretty decent products.  The mint taste is milder and not too in your face, so it may be more approachable to people who want something with a lighter taste.

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