27 June 2020

Killa (Blueberry, Melon, and Cola) Extra Strong Nicopods - Reviews. 27 June 2020.

Back in 2018, I reviewed Killa Cold Mint, which to this date is one of my most read articles on Snubie.com.  I'm not sure why, but apparently people really seem to dig this stuff.  Perhaps it's the can design.  Killa is a nicotine pouch product made by NGP Empire in Sweden.  I'm not too familiar with them, so I can't speak to how they produce their products.  However, they are made in Sweden which means they have to conform to the same safety and quality standards as Lyft, for example.  In this review, I'll be covering three flavors: Melon, Blueberry, and Cola.  I found these on Snuffstore.de, so thanks to a friend in Germany for hooking me up with these.

Here's a look inside the Killa pouch. These are nicopods, which is another word people are using nowadays for nicotine pouches. Killa contains E460 Cellulose, or plant fiber. This is similar to what other nicotine pouch makers in Sweden are using.  The material is finely ground, and completely white, as are the portions themselves.

Each can weighs 10g and has 0.5g portions.  That should mean there are 20 portions per can.  However, when I counted them, it was hit and miss.  Melon had 21, Blueberry had 22, and Cola had 19.  The nicotine content is 24mg/g (2.4%), so with 0.5g portions that's 12mg/portion.

Killa Blueberry (Extra Strong)
Flavor Description:  "A fruity taste of blueberry".

Review:  When you open the can, a present smell of blueberry greets you along with a sharp mint smell.  The portions are slim, slightly dry, but still soft to the touch.  You'll encounter a mild cooling presence when you put one in the lip, as well.  The flavor is a pretty gentle blueberry taste along with a hint of mint.  The nicotine kick is quite strong; it kicks quickly and feels firmly at the extra strong level.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 45 minutes.

Killa Cola (Extra Strong)
Flavor Description:  "A pure cola taste".

Review:  When you open the can, you'll notice a heavy presence of menthol along with a light touch of cola.  The portions are slim, a little dry, but still comfortable.  Under the lip you'll encounter a cooling presence when you put a portion in.  In terms of flavor, the cola isn't very present.  I pick up a big menthol flavor with a light hint of cola in the background.  The nicotine level feels firmly at the extra strong level and the flavor lasts about 45 minutes.

Killa Melon (Extra Strong)
Flavor Description:  "A delicious melon taste reminiscent of honeydew melon".

Review:  When you open the can, there is a present mint smell along with a light, sweet hint of melon in the background.  The portions are pretty slim, moderately dry, but still soft to the touch.  Under the lip you'll feel a light cooling present.  The melon flavor in this one is relatively mild, and lightly sweet, along with a present menthol flavor.  The nicotine feels to be right at the extra strong level, and the flavor lasts about 45 minutes, on average.

Final Thoughts:
When it came to the Melon and Cola ones, the flavors weren't bad, but I wasn't sure why there was so much minty character in there.  Without that, they would have been much better.  The blueberry one was probably the best of the three because I could clearly taste blueberry without all the menthol/mint going on in there.

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