11 May 2020

VOTE: Snubie/Ministry of Snus Chew Bag (Flavor) - 11 May 2020.

Back in March of 2020, I released my first collaboration with Ministry of Snus in Denmark - Snubie x Ministry of Snus: Bourbon Vanilla. It proved to be quite popular and sold quite well! But, people in countries that can't get snus were left out. And Snubie is a truly international website - we have readers and viewers all over the world. I didn't want folks in the EU who can't get snus to be left out, so I'm excited today to tell you about Snubie x Ministry of Snus 2.0 - a chew bag product! To start this off, we each came up with a list of flavors. Some unique ideas, and some ideas that people suggested, and some ideas that don't exist on the market today. We narrowed our list of 10 flavors down to three. Now, it's your turn. You get to pick the flavor! You will get to vote for which one of these three you'd like to see released as a chew bag product from Ministry of Snus and Snubie!

NOTE:  This product will be in the white large format.  The nicotine strength will be at or around what we did with Snubie X Bourbon Vanilla, so regular strength/strong range.  Meaning, these won't be super strong products.  The focus will be on the flavor.  These are things you can keep in mind when voting!

Cannoffee (Cannabis+Toffee)

Flavor Description
:  "A gentle tobacco flavor with a round, sweet taste of toffee.  Hints of cannabis add light, dry notes."

NOTE:  The cannabis is flavor only.  The product would not contain actual cannabis.

Mint Chocolate

Flavor Description
:  "Dark chocolate with a slight bitterness, balanced with a fresh taste of mint."

Spicy Mocha

Flavor Description
:  "A strong, deep flavor of coffee."

Now the important part, you get to go and vote for which one of these three flavors you want to be the next Snubie/Ministry of Snus release, in the chew bag format!

Vote Here!
(Note, Poll #1 is closed.  This is the final, run-off poll.)
Also, please only vote once.  I'm seeing lots of votes coming in back to back which means people are voting twice.  This means when it's over I'm going to have to go over the results (which usually takes a few hours) and take out all the duplicates.

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