27 May 2020

Nicotine MAY Help Against COVID-19 - 27 May 2020.

It's been making the news lately that nicotine may have an effect in fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Aftonbladet.se, a Swedish publication, picked up the story today, as well. According to the article, researchers in Sweden will be investigating if Swedish Snus can reduce the risk of dying from COVID-19. The results of the study could be ready in two months, unless more data is needed. Studies have been going on in France to determine whether or not nicotine can protect from COVID-19.  In France, 5% of admitted patients suffering from COVID-19 said they smoked daily, and they have been studying the effects of nicotine and coronavirus. A similar effect was noted in England.  Now, the French are looking to Sweden.

So, how is this possible? The theory is that nicotine binds to the same receptor as the COVID-19 and thus prevents entry into the cells and proliferation. The study could indicate that nicotine could even be used as a treatment against COVID-19. Nicotine could be used to make it more difficult for the virus to attach to the cells and proliferate. Cecilia Magnusson, Professor and Head of Operations at the Center for Epidemiology and Community Medicine (CES), notes that "Sweden has a unique opportunity because we are the only country that uses snus to such an extent".

VERY IMPORTANT:  Smoking is bad for your health.  This isn't news, but do not relate this story to saying "go light up".  Snus is the safest way to consume nicotine, and if these studies are valid, it shows a lot of promise to smokers!

Sweden - Aftonbladet.se (5/27/2020):  "Forskare: Snus kan skydda mot corona"
France - Reuters.com (4/27/2020):  "French scientists to test theory that nicotine combats COVID-19"
England - BBC.com (5/18/2020):  "Coronavirus: Can nicotine replacement products help combat Covid-19?"
Translations (Swedish to English) - Bengt Wiberg, Sting Free Snus / EU For Snus

Also, thanks to EU For Snus for their letter to the Swedish Public Health Authority (Folkhälsomyndigheten) on April 23rd, 2020, concerning Swedish Snus and coronavirus.

Disclaimer:  I am not a medical professional and this should not be interpreted as medical advice.  This is simply a reporting of the news surrounding this issue.

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