05 May 2020

Epok Hurricane (Max) - Review. 5 May 2020.

Today, we're going to be talking about a brand new Epok product sold exclusively in Switzerland: Epok Hurricane (Max)! This is, to date, the strongest Epok product released. It's also stronger than any product in the Lyft series.  It comes in a sleek black can, and it also has the FlexLid, which is a rubbery catch lid that expands as you add more used portions to it.  The flavor description for it that I found on SnusHof.com says, quite simply, "Mint".  The can contents is where it gets interesting.  Each can weighs 26.6g and has 19 portions.  Doing the math on that yields 1.4g portions.  Now that's plump!  The nicotine content is 20mg/g (2.0%), and with the larger portion size that actually goes up to 28mg/portion.

Now, there's a lot of terms out there for the "all white" category, such as "nicotine pouches", and "white tobacco".  This can get confusing!  Lyft, for example, is a nicotine pouch product, meaning it doesn't contain tobacco.  Epok actually contains white tobacco.  This is how they describe the production process for Epok:  "Before the treatment, the carefully selected brown tobacco is prepared.  In the next step tobacco is treated through a washing process in order to obtain white tobacco.  This process lasts until the brown tobacco is completely cleaned into white tobacco.  When the tobacco has its all white color, it’s refined with different and fresh flavors."  So, while they may look similar, they are quite different.

When you open the can, a sharp, present mint smell jumps out at you. It seems closer to peppermint than spearmint. The portions, wow are they plump! I love these big, 1.4g portions. They really fill out the lip. When you put one in, you get a nice burn, which gives way to a cooling presence in the lip.  The flavor is a sharp, powerful taste of mint.  Again, it reminds me of peppermint.  It's lightly sweet, and very present.  I can't keep these in too long due to how strong they are, but most Epok usually lasts 40-50 minutes on average.  The nicotine kicks in pretty quickly; usually I'm feeling it within about 5 minutes and taking it out at 15-20 minutes.  It feels well above the extra strong level!

If you like mint flavors and want something that is quite strong, this is definitely one you'll want to check out.

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