30 October 2019

Snubie Snus 2019 - Coming Soon! 30 October 2019.

A new Snubie Snus product is coming soon - and the flavor will be selected by YOU! I've had some exciting releases and collaborations in the past that I'm really proud of. 2017 saw the release of Snubie Brandy Alexander, a collaboration with V2 Tobacco. I also did a series of loose only products with Snus.biz, Snubie Blood Orange and Goji Berry Loose (2018), Snubie Mr. Bacon Loose (2018), Snubie Cheese and Bacon Loose (2018), and Snubie Cherokee Rose Loose (2019), a product that celebrated Snubie's 10 year anniversary and was named after my daughter.  Now, I'm going to be working with a new manufacturer I've never worked with before for my next release - Ministry of Snus in Denmark!

In the first poll, you submitted your flavor suggestions.  Now, in the final poll, you will vote from the top 15!

What you've already voted on:

1.  Portion Format - Original, White, or White Dry
2.  Portion Size - Regular or Slim
3.  Nicotine Strength - From regular strength up to ultra strong.

What the final poll has:

Flavor - You voted on the top 15, and we have narrowed it down to FIVE!

Vote in the final poll here!

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