Lundgren's Västkusten Vit - Review. 20 April 2019.

Review Updated:  24 February 2022

I can't believe it's been 3 years since this one launched.  It's one of my favorite products in the Lundgrens line, so I figure it was time for a new review!  If you're new to this product, this one is essentially a relaunch of Lundgren's Marstrand, which was a limited edition product I reviewed back in 2018. Västkusten means "west coast", so this product is one that corresponds with that region of Sweden. Marstrand is off the west coast of Sweden, which makes sense given that this one has the same flavor.  The flavor description for this product says, "Inspired by Sweden's West Coast, with a taste of rose hip and heather."  Each can weighs 17.6 grams and has 22 portions, for 0.8 grams each. The nicotine content is 10mg/g (1.0%), or 8mg/portion.

There is a present, lightly sweet smell of rose, along with a light herbal presence and a mild tobacco character. The portions come in the perforated format, which means they are like regular white portions but with little holes in them. With this product you'll get the long lasting taste of a white portion, but with the perforated pouches you'll also get a quicker flavor release! In the flavor profile, the rose comes through clearly and has a lightly sweet nature to it. There's a mild herbal presence in the background which I suspect is from the heather. There's also a nice salt character, and a gentle tobacco flavor as well. The nicotine strength feels to be at the regular strength level, and I find the flavor lasts about an hour on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.5/5.  As mentioned before, it's probably one of my favorite Lundgren's products.  I wish they made this one a slim portion, because I've found I can't use the perforated portions too long or they irritate my gums.  But as far as flavor goes, this one is one of the best.  It's great for the summer time, and it's one I always have with me when I'm on the water.  It has that breezy, airy, summer taste to it!  But here's to hoping a slim, non-perforated version comes out before too long.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing this product. It helped me decide to include it in my last order. I am happy that the flavor is pleasant and and it has good longevity. Keep up the good work!


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