26 April 2019

Baccoff Smooth Peach (Tobacco/Nicotine Free) - Review. 26 April 2019.

And now, for something completely different! Readers of my reviews know that I primarily, 99.9% of the time, review Swedish Snus. But occasionally, I get requests to review random things, and these are some products I've had a few requests for. So, today we are talking about Baccoff (or, Bac-Off) Tobacco and Nicotine Free Pouches. While these are products I personally do not use, I do hear from time to time people asking how to quit snus, or how to quit dip. Products like these are a good alternative for people who may want to pursue such things. This is how they describe these products: "BaccOff products are authentic chewing tobacco alternatives made from a black tea base and top quality, FDA approved ingredients. The closest thing to that authentic dark-fired tobacco taste good chewing tobacco pouches should have. Real Moist American Snuff taste – and its completely tobacco and nicotine free!"  These products also come in Fine Cut and Rough Cut, if that's your thing.  I had requests to review pouches, so that's what we'll be talking about today!

The flavor description for Smooth Peach says, "Tart Peach paired with smooth, sweet tea undertones for premium flavor".  This product comes in an 18g can with 15 pouches for 1.2g pouches.  Most dip pouches are between 1g to 1.55g each, so the size is comparable to dip pouches.

When you open the can, the aroma is a present, smooth, natural smell of peach with a light smokiness to it.  You'll notice the pouches are incredibly moist, so they have a quick flavor release when you put them in.  They're big and plump, and quite soft to the touch.  The flavor comes on pretty quickly and is a big, natural, smooth, lightly sweet taste of peach.  There's a dark, tea like presence in the background and a light smokiness to it as well.  For a non-tobacco product, this stuff tastes really good.  It doesn't have any nicotine in it, so I can't speak about nicotine strength.  But, I can say the flavor lasts a pretty good amount of time.  I can usually keep these in for about 35-40 minutes on average.

While these products aren't for me, I did enjoy the taste.  If you're someone who is looking to quit tobacco, or quit dipping, these are good alternatives to consider.  I checked on their website and these are sold out now (as of 4/26/2019), but you can email them and they'll let you know when they're back in stock again.

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