09 February 2019

Thunder Lit Blizzard Chew Bags (Preview) - 9 February 2019.

It feels like ages since V2 Tobacco has released a new product. I went back through my reviews and the most recent V2 product I've reviewed was General Cut Chew Bags back in April of 2018. So, it's been a while! Now, finally, a new release from V2! This is a new chew bag product    called Thunder Lit Blizzard Slim White Dry Chewing Bags; it has quite the long name!  I'm not sure if this is "lit" as the kids say, or something else.  It's supposed to be "ultra strong with a cool mint taste".  I don't have much more info on it beyond that, but here's some pics of the can.

Beyond that, that's about all I know.  But here's a shot of the can from a different angle.  Once it comes out I'll work on getting some for review!

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