29 January 2019

Epok Launches Chew Bags in Denmark - 29 January 2019.

Epok has launched "tyggetobak", or chew bags, in Denmark. These photos from Snubie friend Jakob Hoffman.  As you can see, the can does not look much different from regular Epok cans. From what he told me they've initially launched Mint, Ice Cool Strong, and a third flavor is set to arrive on Thursday.

Here's the bottom of the can.  There's a website listed - Epok.dk, however when I go to it, it just says "Coming Soon".  The can shows the contents the same as regular Epok - 16.8 rams.  It looks like it has a one year shelf life from date of production.

Here are the "chew bags", which don't look that different from the regular portions.

I don't have any of this in my hand right now, but I'm working on getting some for review.  Once I have it, I'll make sure to review these new products!

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