Skruf Super White #2: Cassice (Slim/All White) - Review. 25 September 2018.

Skruf has launched a new snus in their Super White series, this one with a flavor I really enjoy - black currant! I originally reviewed their Super White mint products back in May, so when I heard about this one I was pretty interested. Mainly, because I love the flavor of black currant. Swedish Match made a snus back in 2012 that I absolutely loved called Catch Black Currant, but it was discontinued. Since then, there haven't really been any black currant flavored products on the market!  I was a little nervous going into this one, however, because I was told there was mint in the flavor as well.  I wanted it to be just black currant flavored, so I was a little curious to see how this would turn out.  I didn't want it to be overly minty, because I wanted a product that had a simple, black currant flavor.  If you're unfamiliar with black currant - it's a tart berry which is popular in jams and syrups. The flavor of them reminds me of grape, but more earthy and tart.

The flavor description for this product says, "Skruf Super White Slim Cassice is the 3rd in the Skruf all-white snus family. Like the others, it is tobacco-free and white on both the inside and outside. Skruf says the flavor is "black currant and mint (Cassis + Ice(mint) = Cassice)." This product comes in a 17.3 gram can with 24 portions for 0.72 grams each. The nicotine content is listed as a 2/4, which I'm assuming is the equivalent 8mg/g.

If you're new to the Skruf Super White brand, it's part of the growing category of products that contain nicotine but no tobacco! The pouches are moist, and feel like regular snus in the lip. Looking inside the pouch you can see it looks somewhat similar to snus, but is completely white. It contains plant fibers and nicotine. It feels like tobacco, looks like tobacco (other than being white), and feels like a snus portion in the lip, but isn't actually tobacco. This is an interesting product, because there are a lot of people who want to quit smoking, and many of them want to quit tobacco all together, but don't want to give up nicotine. That's where products like this, and Zyn for example, become important.

When I first opened a can of this, I was pleased to see that the black currant aroma was very present. There seems to be a menthol present to the aroma, but it doesn't strike me as mint. So far, so good! When I put a portion in the lip, I did encounter a cooling presence, would makes the product feel fresh in the lip and throughout the mouth. The flavor is much like the aroma! The black currant flavor is very present, natural, and not overly sweet. I don't really notice much of a mint flavor in this one, which is what I was hoping would be the case. There is a freshness to the taste, and it seems to be more of a presence of menthol than mint. The nicotine strength on this one feels to be about regular strength, as well - comparable to 8mg/g Swedish Snus. The flavor lasts quite a while! I've found I can enjoy this product for up to 45-55 minutes.

I could do without the mint/menthol in this product, but I still enjoy it.  It wasn't overly minty like I was worried it would be, and the black currant aroma and flavor is very present, which I enjoyed.  I do think the added freshness in the aroma, the lip, and the flavor works with the black currant.  While I went into this one nervous and worried, I find myself pleased.  This is something I would definitely order again!

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