Jakobsson's Special Persika/Peach (Discontinued) - Review. 29 March 2018.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition and has been discontinued.

Gotlandssnus has released a new release in the "Jakobsson's Special" series, this one flavored with persika or, to those who don't speak Swedish, peach! Peach is not a very common snus in the world of Swedish Snus; the last one I tried was actually a snus produced in America called Discreet Peach, which was a white mini portion. Honestly, it surprises me it's taken this long for a peach snus to be released! The Jakobsson's Special series originated in February 2017, with the release of Jakobsson's Special: Cola (Strong), which proved popular enough to be added full time to the Jakobsson's lineup! The next release, Jakobsson's Special: Salmiak (Strong) was released in November, 2017, and still remains on sale, as well.

Henrik Jakobsson, founder and CEO of Gotlandssnus, describes this product by saying "When I tested the flavors for the third edition, I was looking for a taste sensation that contained sweetness, but also something sour, the peach turned out to be what I was looking for and I think we managed to come up with a consistent product. There is currently no peach snus on the Swedish market, but it is very common in the United States, so it's a lot of fun to bring a whole new taste experience to Sweden."  This product comes in a 20 gram can with 20 portions for 1 gram portions.  The nicotine strength is 14mg/g (1.4%), which comes out to 14mg/portion!

Spoiler alert: this snus is absolutely delicious. When you open the can, the aroma is, of course, peach. It comes through in a very natural way, and has a very light touch of sweetness to it. The portions are plump, soft, and moist! The taste is fantastic; in my opinion, this is one of the best tasting products Gotlandssnus has ever released. The flavor is a very natural flavor of peach; it doesn't taste artificial at all. There is a touch of sweetness to it, but only the amount you would expect to encounter naturally when you bite into a fresh peach. Gotlandssnus absolutely nailed the flavor on this one. The flavor lasts a good amount of time; I've found with this one I've been able to enjoy it for 45 to 55 minutes on average. This snus also delivers a solid nicotine kick and feels to be firmly at the strong level.

This is a must try snus, especially if you're a fan of peach.  Gotlandssnus nailed the flavor on this one and I really hope it sticks around.  I will be ordering this again.  As of the date of this writing, it isn't on sale just yet, but should be on sale within the next week or so. Moe from SnusCENTRAL.com said they would be stocking it as soon as it is available!


  1. Wow after reading this i even more want this snus !!! great review

  2. Wish this wasn't discontinued... My favorite snus.


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