06 September 2017

Two New GN Tobacco Products! 6 September 2017.

GN Tobacco is releasing two new products, one under the GNT label and one under their SPT label.

The first product is Oden's Menthol Extreme White Dry (Xylitol).  This one will have a menthol flavor and 22mg/g of nicotine.  This one is interesting because this is a very underrepresented flavor in the snus world.  This also includes Xylitol, which is something that broke onto the scene with The Lab 22 by Swedish Match. Xylitol is naturally occurring and used as a sugar substitute.  Xylitol is also said to prevent tooth decay and can act against some bacterias that cause infections.  This is an interesting addition and will be GNT's first product to use Xylitol. This one is currently available on Odenssnus.eu.

This product is a rather interesting one.  This product is being released by SPT, a snus company owned by GN Tobacco.  It is a chew bag product with a mint flavor.  What's interesting about it is the name.  It's being called Roots: Down To Earth Quality, Cold Extreme White Dry.  This one has a very, very long name.    I'm not sure what to expect with this one but I am curious to try it.  I'm not sure when this product will be released, but I'll keep my eyes open for it.

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