10 September 2017

Preview: Skruf Skraw (Chew Bags). 10 September 2017.

It seems that almost all major snus companies now have chew bag products on the market. AG Snus, Fiedler and Lundgren, GN Tobacco, Gotlandssnus, Swedish Match and V2 Tobacco currently sell chew bag products, and now, Skruf does as well. This means the only major snus company that doesn't have chew bag products on the market is Nordic Snus AB/JTI. This should show you how popular this category is becoming. Due to the EU snus ban, snus is illegal to be sold in certain countries in the EU. However, tobacco companies have realized that you can sell basically the same product but with the name "chew bags", and it suddenly becomes legal. This is great news for those who don't have access to snus, because it gives you access to harm reduced tobacco!  I am also a huge Skruf fan, so I'm glad to see them on the market now with these new products!

Skruf Skraw Fresh Mint (White Xtra Strong)

Flavor Description:
"Chewing tobacco with flavor of pepper and cedar and mint."

That's really all I know about this product.  I imagine the taste will be similar to their Skruf Slim Fresh product line.
Skruf Skraw Original (White Xtra Strong)

Flavor Description:
"Chewing tobacco with flavor of pepper and cedar."

I don't know much about this product either.  The flavor description doesn't sound similar to the regular Skruf line, so I'm interested to try this one and see what it tastes like!

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