04 September 2017

G.3 Wire - Preview. 4 September 2017.

Swedish Match has launched another "super strong" product, this one is called G.3 Wire. Swedish Match describes it by saying, "Now we are launching G.3 WIRE, the latest addition to our Super Strong series. The snus has the same portion and strength as G.3 VOLT, but with a flavor of red berries and tropical fruits. The portion format combined with the flavor makes the G.3 WIRE a powerful snus, even for the accustomed strong snuser. In spring 2017, we launched G.3 VOLT, the first snus in our new Super Strong series, which represents the strongest products in the Swedish Match snus range. Just like G.3 VOLT, the new G.3 WIRE is of our discreet Slim White Dry, with the same fit as our usual G.3 portions. With taste of red berries and tropical fruits, combined with 30% more nicotine and 20% less drip than G.3 Extra Strong, the snus creates a long-lasting burning effect, a spicy and biting feeling under the lip. Like all snuff from Swedish Match, G.3 WIRE meets the stringent quality standards set by our quality standard GOTHIATEK. G.3 WIRE Super Strong is available for sale primarily on the Norwegian market starting in September 2017. In Sweden, G.3 WIRE Super Strong is sold in selected stores, our Swedish Match Stores and here on our e-commerce."

 This snus comes in a 16.6 gram can with 24 portions, weighing in at 0.69 grams per portion. The nicotine content is 2.6%, or 26mg/g. That breaks down to 17.98mg/portion.

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