03 July 2017

Tobacco Reporter: Snus Con 2017. 3 July 2017.

The first ever Snus Con came to St. Louis in 2017. It was a great event for snus professionals, consumers, and enthusiasts. We were fortunate to have press come to cover the first event and one of the publications in attendance, Tobacco Reporter, wrote a piece on the first ever Snus Con. A special thank you to Taco Tuinstra for covering the event and sitting down for an interview with me. Taco gave me permission to share his article with our readers and I found it to be a great article covering the event!  If you want to check it out, click out the link below to view the full PDF.

Click here to view "Chewing The Fat" by Taco Tuinstra of Tobacco Reporter.


  1. Snus Con 2017 will help change the planet for the better and save lives while enjoying Swedish snus (or vaping) and surviving!

  2. Snus Con 2017 will help saving lives while enjoying snus (and/or vaping) and being on top of the world!