14 June 2017

Nordic Storm (Original) - Slim White. (Discontinued) Review. 14 June 2017.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

In case you missed my recent article, JTI Snus has been rebranded as Nordic Snus AB. When I talked to them, I was told this name change is done to better represent their snus production, it's tradition, and it's heritage. It is also to represent their business within the Nordic countries. The first products released after this name change are the new Nordic Storm products - an original flavor and two mint flavors. The flavor description for this product says, "Nordic Storm Slim White Original has a traditional flavor of tobacco with a hint of bergamot. This snus has a slim sized white pouch." This product comes in a 19.2 gram can with 24 portions weighing 0.8 grams each. It has a nicotine content of 16mg/g (1.6%), which breaks down to 12.8mg/portion.

If you've had Gustavus Slim Cut Strong, this product reminds me a lot of that one. When you open the can, a strong aroma of bergamot comes through with a mild hint of tobacco. The portions are slim and feel comfortable in the lip. The taste is very much the traditional Swedish Snus taste. The flavor of bergamot is quite present, along with some pepper, a light tobacco character, and a touch of salt. The bergamot is more present than the tobacco, but you can still taste the tobacco! The nicotine strength on this one looks light on paper, but I actually feel a pretty solid kick from this one! The flavor also lasts a good amount of time; I've been able to enjoy these up to an hour, sometimes up to an hour and fifteen minutes.  If you're into the traditional Swedish Snus flavor profile, I'd suggest giving this one a try, it's a pretty solid product!

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