09 May 2017

Thunder 10 Year (Chew Bags) - Preview. 9 May 2017.

We discovered this photo online via @ehlen98 on Instagram. It looks like V2 Tobacco is releasing a version of their Thunder 10 Year Anniversary Edition Snus in the "chew bags" variety. When I reviewed it, I found it to be one of the best tasting tobacco-centric products I've ever had. I'm interested to see if the chew bags version is the same.

SnuffStore.de has them listed and this is how they describe them: "A small bit chewed, first is a typical "Brazilian flavor" with a light trace salt to be heard. Brasiltabak is mainly used in the Schmalzler production, so beware of tabakfans! The flavor of the Thunder 10 Chewing Bags corresponds approximately to the fragrance / taste of Brasil snuff, or Brazilian cigarillos or cigarillos. The soft, but profound and lasting flavor of the Brazilian tobacco comes perfectly into the Thunder 10 Chewing Bags. Nussig, leathery, earthy aromas, which are very clear and strong to taste at first, slowly change to a milder, brittle, almost sweetish flavor when the bags are used for a long time. By the way, the corresponding nicotine is not to be despised! The Thunder 10 Chewing Bags are the same as the Thunder Ult Chewing Bags. If you have too much effect, the bags should quickly remove from the mouth. If you feel little effect, the effect can be intensified by repeated, easy chewing, but please be careful."

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