28 March 2017

Swedish Snus Store Coming To Chicago. 28 March 2017.

I recently went to SwedishSnusStore.com and was greeted by this graphic saying "The Swedish Snus Store:  Coming to Chicago April 2017". So far, Swedish Match has already opened three of these stores. Los Angeles, Brooklyn, and Sundance have all seen Swedish Match's "pop up" stores. Now, it appears Chicago is next on the list to be blessed with a Swedish Snus Store! I'm presuming it will also be a pop up, which means it won't be there forever.

The website lists the address as 840 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL, 60614-4308.  When I pull up the address on Google Maps, this is what Street View shows me.  If this is the address, it seems to be a small location, which should fit the needs of this pop up.

CSNews.com talked about the LA pop up store recently. This is what they said about that location: "The Swedish Snus Store features an array of seating options suited for both relaxation and productivity, including a window front laptop bar, outdoor banquettes and an indoor fireplace lounge. It also offers a complimentary fruit- and herb-infused water bar, coffee and snacks. Guests can also find live bergamot plants and lime trees, rustic terrariums, and communal reading materials and activities. Guests can also purchase General snus products at the store." The one in California is (or was?  I'm not sure if it's still open) open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for adults 21 and older. I'm not sure if that age restriction will be on the one in Chicago or not.  The only products sold at this store will be the General products currently sold in the US - Mini Mint, Mint, White, Original, Wintergreen and Loose.

I may have to make a trip up to Chicago to check this out and do a video there!

Here's some photos of the California Swedish Snus Store:

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  1. That Swedish Match store was indeed a 'pop up' and it is now closed (as of the end of December). It was on a street called Abbot Kinney (about 2 miles from my house) and sold only Swedish Match products currently sold anywhere else in the US. No Goteborgs, Ettan or anything else like that.