22 March 2017

Mocca Natural Spearmint (Slim Strong) - Preview. 22 March 2017.

Today I found a new listing over at SnusBolaget.se for Mocca Natural Spearmint. The product description says, "Mocca Natural Spearmint is a tasteful and discreet snus experience. The product has a natural minty flavor and a touch of spice and menthol. The snuff also comes in a slim-portions with optimized fit. The news from Mocca also features locally grown and organic tobacco with a nicotine content of 11 mg / g. This is somewhat stronger than the other Mocca range."  I know, there are a ton of mint snus products already on the market, but this one I'm actually excited to try.  It sounds like this could be a good one!  If I can manage to get ahold of some, I'll do a review.

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