20 March 2017

G3 Volt Super Strong (Slim White Dry) - Preview. 20 March 2017.

It appears as though Swedish Match is gearing up to join the "ultra strong"/"super strong" snus race with G3 Volt Super Strong (Slim White Dry).  Swedish Match says:  "G.3 VOLT Swedish Match is the strongest snus ever, a pinch slim format, loaded with 30% more nicotine than G.3 Extra Strong - while snus is 20% less thin though.

The portion is our discrete format Slim Dry White, with a 20% lower drip than G.3 pouch in Slim-white format. With peppermint flavor combined with 30% more nicotine and 20% less drip, snus creates a long-burning effect, a piquant and biting sense under the lip. G.3 VOLT Super Strong is a powerful snus, even for the experienced strong snus users.

With our world-renowned quality standard GOTHIATEK, ensures that our Swedish Match snus is uncompromising quality in that we have unique knowledge and control at all stages - from seed to finished product. G.3 VOLT Super Strong fulfills the requirements according GOTHIATEK and the lower moisture content makes snus significantly drier and less runny than G.3 Slim White thereby enabling even a higher nicotine content. G.3 VOLT Super Strong delivers a super strong snus experience.

G.3 VOLT Super Strong is from the end of March 2017 to the sale primarily in the Norwegian market. In Sweden sold G.3 VOLT Super Strong in selected stores, our Swedish Match Stores and here on our e-commerce."

There is one thing I want to point out that is of interest.  Their description "the strongest snus ever" is in error, however, as there are many products out there with nicotine strengths higher than 26mg/g.  This is Swedish Match's strongest snus released to date, but it isn't the strongest snus ever released.  Perhaps that is what they meant to say.


Taste Description:  "Mint/Euclayptus"
PH-Level: 8.9
Moisture Level: 27.5 %
Weight/Can: 16.6 g
Weight/portion: 0.69 g
Portion amount per can: 24
Durability: 210 Days
Nicotine: 2.6 % (26mg/g)

With portions weighing in at 0.69 grams, that breaks the nicotine down to 17.94mg/portion.

As this product seems to be focused on the Norway market, it will be a little harder for me to get ahold of.  But if I can get my hands on some I'll do a review it!

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