22 February 2017

Thunder NRG - Preview. 22 February 2017.

V2 is set to release two new Thunder products called Thunder NRG. When I saw the can design, I was curious if this would be an "energy snus". Some of you old timers may remember Elixyr Power Energy Snus. I reviewed it back in 2009 and it was a part of my morning routine until it was discontinued. Elixyr was a snus that blended nicotine with the inclusion of caffeine and taurine. It was a great morning pick me up. Not many people liked the taste or the aroma, however, and the snus was unfortunately discontinued.

For the Thunder NRG Original Portion, it's a 19.8 gram can with 22 portions with a 45mg/g nicotine content, like Thunder X. That means 0.9 gram portions with 40.5mg/portion of nicotine. For Thunder NRG White Dry it's an 11.7 gram can with 18 portions. The nicotine content is also 45mg/g, like Thunder X. That means 0.65 gram portions with 29.25mg/portion of nicotine. The flavor is said to be "A familiar taste of energy drink combined with the extreme strength really makes it stand out."

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