26 September 2016

Offroad Cool Mint (Original Mini) - Review (Discontinued). 26 September 2016.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

V2 Tobacco has recently launched two new mini products - Offroad Melon/"Mel OH!" (Original Mini) and Offroad Cool Mint/"Cool M" (Original Mini). I don't do a lot of mini reviews, but I've been trying to work on that lately. I know quite a few people use them, so I try to review as many of them as I can! The product description says, " Offroad Cool M Mini Portion Snus brings the Cool Mint flavor to the Offroad family of snuses in a very discreet mini-portion pouch."  You'll notice that the can has a white ring around the side label with a warning label on it.  This is in compliance with the new labeling laws that manufacturers are having to go to.  They aren't very attractive, but it appears as though there's no way around it.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a smooth, mellow peppermint aroma. The flavor and aroma of this snus reminds me a lot of Thunder Cool Mint, which is one of my favorite snus flavors. When you put a portion in your lip, you'll notice a nice cooling sensation/tingle develop. And the taste is absolutely delicious! It's a really smooth, mellow, mildly sweet peppermint taste. I know a lot of people like Frosted, but I've said before that Cool Mint is my favorite V2 Tobacco mint flavor.  I don't do a lot of mini portions, so usually when I review them I put in two at the same time. The nicotine strength 8mg/g, and the portions are 0.5 grams each, so you're looking at about 4mg/portion. Being a mini portion, I don't get a lot of nicotine out of these - but I was able to quit smoking by using a mini portion 7 years ago, so I'm sure some people enjoy this size/nicotine strength. I'm a big fan of the Cool Mint flavor, so if you dig mini portions, this is one to check out!

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