17 August 2016

Snubie.com Launches Fundraising Campaign. 17 August 2016.

We are proud to announce our fundraising campaign for Snubie.com and the Snubie.com YouTube Channel!  It has come to our attention that our friends, fans and supporters want us to provide more content and increase the quality of our video production. Snubie.com is entirely self funded (except for our podcast which has a sponsor) and to be able to do the things people are asking for, we needed to raise funds. We originally considered doing ads on our YouTube channel, but in the poll we put out, 56% of people said no to ads, and we go with the voice of our fanbase. We also considered doing a monthly donation program through Patreon, but didn't need to do this monthly so we decided against that.  There also wasn't much expressed interest in that idea, either.  At the end of the day, we settled on GoFundMe. Lots of creators use it to raise funds for their projects.

I didn't want to end up asking people to help support us, but at the end of the day for us to expand and do the things people want us to do, we have to raise funds to help the website grow.  We started with a goal of $5,909.00 (USD).  We set that goal as an estimate based on price shopping for the things we need to do.  We are aiming high so we can at least get started doing the things people want us to do.

1.  Expand and enhance our YouTube studio.
2.  Attain better video recording equipment to enhance the quality of our videos.
3.  Attain better audio equipment to enhance the audio quality of our videos and podcasts.
4.  Attain better video editing/processing software.
5.  Enhance the performance of our computers for the purposes of video/audio storage, retrieval and processing.
6.  Overhaul the Snubie.com website.  This is a goal that will probably be after we fund the first 5 due to the high costs of this.
7.  Any funds raised over the goal of $5,909.00 USD will go towards the completion of our YouTube studio!

We appreciate all of the support we have received over the years in terms of emails, phone calls, text messages and kind words.  We are now asking the readers of Snubie.com to help us continue to grow, expand and enhance our quality.  Thanks for all the support that you will pledge to help Snubie.com with.  This website wouldn't be what it is with your support.

Support the Snubie.com Fundraising Project at GoFundMe.com 

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