05 July 2016

Zyn NT - Coffee (03 and 06) - Reviews. 5 July 2016.

I had seen Zyn NT on Northerner.com before but didn't have much interest in reviewing it at the time. However, I recently heard that Zyn NT is expanding in a big way in the US and being an advocate for harm reduction, I wanted to write about it. It originally launched in 2015 in Colorado and Montana in 4 flavors. Recently it expanded to 6 flavors and is pushing into more states in the US. This year you will be able to find it in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Washington and Oregon. It's a really interesting product. ZynNT can be stored at room temperature and has a one year shelf life from the date it’s manufactured. It also has the first and only child resistant lid, which can be difficult to open at first, even for an adult.  Also, these cans do not have a catch lid.  But, you may be asking yourself, "What is Zyn NT"?

ZynNT has non-woven pouches which contain flavor, non-tobacco filler, nicotine salts and pH balancers which help enhance the nicotine delivery. Basically the nicotine is soaked out of the tobacco leaves using high pH water then it is filtered to remove any elements of tobacco. What you have left is pure nicotine salt.  You'll notice it looks much like table salt. If you're interested in a more detailed explanation of the science behind ZynNT, my friend Larry at SnusCENTRAL.org wrote a great article on that.  There are 15 portions in a can with each portion weighing 0.4 grams.  The portions are about the same length and width as a regular snus portion, but are much, much slimmer.  They are virtually flat.  The cans are also the same diameter as a regular snus can, but are also a little bit slimmer.

The flavor description for Zyn NT Coffee says, "Warm, rich notes of freshly brewed mocha."  Now, you all know I'm not a big coffee fan, but I still gave this one a fair shot!  The portions are interesting to touch.  I've had purified portions in the past, but these didn't feel quite as dry.  When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a sweet smell of caramel with a light hint of coffee in the background.  The portions feel softer to the lip than I expected.  They're thinner than a regular snus pouch, but don't feel as small as a mini portion.  The flavor comes on a lot quicker than I expected.  For a coffee flavored product, I was surprised by how present the taste of caramel is.  It comes through in a pleasant way with a touch of sweetness.  I do notice the taste of coffee, but it's relatively mild and in the background.  Even so, coming from a non-coffee drinker, I found the taste of this one to be enjoyable!  I was able to enjoy this product for the 45 minute to 1 hour mark.  When it comes to the nicotine, there are two strengths: 3mg and 6mg.  With the 6mg, I do experience satisfaction.  I use mostly 8mg/g snus, and with the 6mg level I did notice nicotine and felt the same level of satisfaction I feel with my usual snus.  With the 3mg level, I didn't notice much nicotine, so I imagine this is going to be for someone who doesn't need as much nicotine.  If you've used mini portion snus before, it feels to deliver about the same amount of nicotine.

So the ultimate question is this: "Is Zyn NT for me"? Personally, this product isn't for me.  I'm a snuser, and that is my product of choice.  But that doesn't mean it's not a good product. I am an advocate for harm reduction in all forms. I know a lot of people want to quit smoking and tobacco but don't want to quit nicotine. The gum doesn't work for everyone, the patch doesn't work for everyone, medicine doesn't work for everyone, and many people don't want to vape or snus.  This is a product that I think needs to exist, because it's a way that people can enjoy nicotine in a non traditional way.  If you're looking to quit smoking but don't want to vape, snus, dip or use any pharmaceutical aids, I definitely suggest giving Zyn NT a try.  Harm reduction comes in all shapes and sizes, and anything that helps people quit smoking is a product that I can support.


  1. Ok I didn't see that you reviewed the coffee one separately sorrry. I seriously am a coffee drinker but I couldn't handle this for more than a few moments before my gums were burning. I have gum disease I own that. This won't work for me. I need to quit for surgery. Bummer.

  2. Nice! Thanks for the info! I'm visting a buddy in Blaine, WA near the border. The mint flavor was displayed at a shell station next to General. I was out of my Offroad & Jakobssons on this trip & found these. Pretty low nicotine (both versions) but even my pal who doesn't smoke, chew or vape enjoyed a pouch for about 5min until the burn hit him. I prob will buy these when I move up here while waiting for my orders from Lidköping. Great blog man! Larry UNZ is a cool guy also. You have been my go-to snus reviewer though for quite awhile!

  3. ZYN may have saved my life! I had been a smoker for 25 years until June 21st 2019 when a friend at church told me about ZYN the same day the V.A. just told me I had COPD. The Doctor said I have to quit now or I may not live long and if I did, i wouldnt want to. He said I'd be like a fish out of water! I would wheeze everyday, all day. Wheezing was part of my life, a way of life. I've tried to quit so many times before. I've tried nicotine gum and that tastes like crap. I've been prescribed Chantix and all that did was give me horrifying nightmares. I have been smoke free for almost 2 months thanks to ZYN and don't wheeze at all anymore. I can run and climb stairs again without stopping for air. Another part of ZYN I love is that its tobacco free. Thank you ZYN!

  4. Trying it right now and was pleasantly surprised! I use General Original Snus and was trying to find an alternative that wouldn't stain my teeth and cut down on visits to the dentist for cleanings. I had tried Velo 4 mg. citrus and they were not strong enough. 3 pouches of ZYN coffee for 30 minutes was satisfying. Will definitely buy more! Great review!