14 July 2016

Pastique Chewing Tobacco - Preview. 14 July 2016.

Today I was alerted to four new products for sale at YourSnus.ch. They're called Pastique and are made by GN Tobacco. There are four flavors/types - Original, Wintergreen, Doublemint and Royal. There aren't any flavor descriptions so I'm not sure what the flavor of "Original" or "Royal" is, but Wintergreen and Doublemint are pretty self explanatory.  Due to the EU ban, many companies are making these new "chewing tobacco" products and selling them where snus is banned.  Though they are called "chewing tobacco", they are made the same way as snus, so they carry the same health benefits but are completely legal to sell within the EU.  I think it's a brilliant business move, and a great way to get safer tobacco products into the hands of consumers.  If I can get ahold of some of these to try out, I'll do a review of them!

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