09 June 2016

Islay Whisky (Los) - Review. 9 June 2016.

This snus has been a long time coming. I wrote a preview article about it back in 2014 and said, "Islay Loose is still coming, tentatively in Summer 2014". It turns out I was off by a few years. GN Tobacco said they wanted to make this the most exclusive and desired los on the market. They took a lot of responsibility in how this one was created. They wanted it to be an Islay Whisky Snus with very specific taste and smell characteristics. They wanted it to have certain characteristics of smokiness, whisky and wood notes. The blending process, tobacco heating and aging processes in this one were something that they said they have never faced before, even with original portion. In the end, they wanted this to be a quality product that was traditional at the same time, as they view the real definition of snus to be los tobacco. They put a lot of focus into the grind. They didn't want it to be clay like or sand like. And in the end, I believe they did a great job.

The product description says, "Islay Whisky is a loose snus with a delicious touch of whisky flavored from the Scottish Island of Islay! Comes in a metal can with an amazing 50 grams of lös snus inside! Islay Whisky loose snus is made of pure tobacco which guarantees the highest quality and best flavor experience. The tobacco is stored in whisky barrels and seasoned with whisky from the Scottish island of Islay. In a flash-back to 2009, Islay Whisky lös snus contains 50 grams of fresh Islay snus per can!"

It's interesting to note that this is a 50 gram can. I haven't seen a 50 gram can of los in many years. It's very impressive that this product has the quality it does, the weight it does and comes in such a low price. When you open the can, the whisky aroma is very present. There is a subtle smokiness and an earthy tobacco smell in the background. They did a great job with the grind, I found the los tobacco very easy to handbake. It also stays together very well in the lip and I've experienced very little breakage or mudslide. The taste is really interesting. The flavor begins with the whisky flavor in front and a little hint of wood in the background. The longer you have the prilla in the more you notice the taste of peat, a rich, earthy tobacco taste and a subtle smokiness. There's also a very faint hint of pepper in the background.  It's quite good and tastes like a top shelf, high quality snus.  I'm very impressed with the quality of this one and I think GN did a fantastic job.  It was worth the wait!

If you're a fan of los snus, this is a must try.  It's available at a great price and you can't beat a 50 gram can of loose snus!

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