06 May 2016

Preview: Skruf Bjørnebær Slim Fresh (Blackberry). 6 May 2016.

One of our friends on Twitter, throwaway22522 alerted us to a new product coming soon from Skruf - Skruf Bjørnebær! He tells us the product is launching in Norway next week. It's launching in 8mg/g and will be an exclusive in certain stores until September. He says from what he knows only one warehouse in Norway is distributing it at the moment.  Since it's a "Slim Fresh" product I imagine it will have mint mixed in with the flavor, which is a bummer.  I was hoping it would be an all natural blackberry taste.

For us in the US, I can't imagine we'll see this online anytime soon.  But our friends in Norway should be able to get ahold of this.  It sounds delicious.  If I can get ahold of a can I'll do a review of it!

1 comment:

  1. Picked up a box today from "Sørensens Tobakk" Bergen, Norway today. Sadly as you expected the mint flavor is present alongside the blackberry flavor. Not a bad snus tho, given you like mint.