13 May 2016

Goteborg's Rape - White Stark - Preview. 13 May 2016.

Today it was announced that there will be a new Goteborg's Rape product released - this time in the strong format!   The can was designed by Anders "Bleckan" Bleckhorns from the tattoo parlor Salong Betong. In an article in KingMagazine.se, Anders says, "When Dan told me about the project, it was a matter of course for me to take on the mission! Honestly, I accepted the job without knowing what it was for financial gain. Snus is close to my heart and this has been an incredibly honorable mission! When it comes to design jobs and cooperation and I will add great sentimental value in it. Snus has been a part of me for a long time and I have always seen it as a reward and not a vice. It is great to have worked with the snus - a Swedish product with a great heritage." Jenny Belsco, brand manager for Goteborg's Rape said, "It is with pride that we present our design collaboration with the reputable tattoo studio Salons Batong. We were very finicky with the choice of partner, as it is the first time that we let an external partner have a free hand to make an interpretation of our strong brand Gothenburg Rapé. Our only criterion was that Gothenburg rapes characteristic blue color would be left - the rest was up to Bleckan to create large format and we are the least satisfied with the result, now being launched."

Here's a close up look at the cans via an article in KingMagazine.se.

There will be 150,000 of these released. You’ll be able to find them beginning 16 May at the Swedish Match Stores, 7Eleven and Pressbyrån. The flavor will apparently be the same, just with more nicotine. Our friends at the SnusCENTRAL.com webstore have said they will be selling this, as well, so those of you who order online will be able to get this product, too!

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  1. Love that Göteborgs Rapé making these Collaborations. Love the Göteborgs Rapé snus, http://snusogram.se/produkt-kategori/goteborgsrape/

    Keep up the good work Chadizzy,
    Erik Lundin