22 April 2016

Oden's Wintergreen (Extreme White Dry) Slim - Review. 21 April 2016.

It was only a matter of time before GN Tobacco began making snus in the slim portion format. Slim portions are becoming more and more popular, so we are seeing more and more manufacturers making them. GNT recently released three snus products in the Extreme (White Dry) format category: Cold, Wintergreen and Double Mint. The product description says, "New snus for Odens!"  I know - that doesn't say very much, but it was the only description I could find and I always try to include that in my reviews.  Something to note is the can design.  These new slim white dry cans look really nice.  The design is very viking in appearance.

Doing a comparison, you'll notice that the portions are about as long as Oden's regular pouches, but more slim. So these are more "slim" portions that "long/slim" portions.  Also, these portions are the normal color and white.  The only thing I had to compare them with from GNT was the new Oden's Vanilla (Extreme White Dry) snus, and those pouches are pink due to the vanilla oil soaking into the pouch, so that's why they make look a little different.  Even though these new slim white dry products are technically "white dry", the pouch and the tobacco inside doesn't feel too dry.  They're quite soft to the touch and comfortable in the lip!

Just so I say it, I'm not the biggest fan of wintergreen.  It's not a flavor I enjoy.  But I always try to remain objective with my reviews.  When you open the can, a really mild, gentle wintergreen aroma comes through.  The portions are quite comfortable in the lip - they have a soft portion material and the tobacco inside the pouch is quite soft.  I've said for years that slim portions are the best way to enjoy snus and these are no exception, they feel great in the lip.  The flavor isn't that bad.  And for someone who isn't a wintergreen fan, that's saying something.  It's a very mild, light wintergreen taste.  It's not as bold as I've experienced in the past, so that's probably why the flavor doesn't turn me off as much.  The nicotine comes on pretty quick; I notice it at the 10-15 minute mark, and it's quite strong. For some reason, Oden's White Dry Extreme products hit me harder than their original portion version.  I'm not sure why.  The flavor lasts quite a while, you can enjoy these for up to the hour and a half mark.

If you're a fan of wintergreen and want a milder taste, slimmer portion and stronger nicotine kick - these are definitely worth a try!

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