07 April 2016

New Oden's Snus Slim (White Dry) Products. 7 April 2016.

Ever since Swedish Match launched The Lab Series in 2009, more and more companies are now making slim portions. Manufacturers are starting to realize that slim portions are truly the best way to enjoy snus. It now appears that GN Tobacco is joining the revolution and releasing three slim portion products of their own - Oden's Extreme Wintergreen (Slim White Dry), Oden's Extreme Cold (Slim White Dry) and Oden's Extreme Double Mint (Slim White Dry).

At this time, I don't have any information about the release dates of these products.  With GNT it's hard to nail down a release date and more often than not the release date is made known whenever the products are up for order.  However, if I find out any new information I will update this article.

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