26 April 2016

Best of the Best Snus Poll - Week 8 - Whisky/Melon Flavors. 26 April 2016.

We recently did the 2015 Snus Awards which covered the best new products of 2015. Now, by popular demand, we're doing the Best of the Best Snus Poll, which covers all products currently sold! Each week we will do two different types of snus/flavors, and the poll will run for one week. Within a few months we will have a best of the best list as selected by you, the snuser!  The results will be a great tool to help people who are new to snus seeing a collection of opinions and a hierarchal ranking of products by vote!

This week will be focusing on two different flavors, again. First, best whisky flavor. The other one is best melon flavor.  We already did a "fruit flavor" category but people have been asking for us to do a melon poll.

This one was a little harder, but for tobacco flavors we defined them as snus without citrus.

Vote for your favorite Whisky Flavored snus!

Vote for your favorite Melon Flavored snus!

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