31 March 2016

Crafted Kardus Highland Single Cut - Preview. 31 March 2016.

It appears that our friend Conny Andersson is back at it again with a new release from AG Snus! After releasing Crafted Snus Whisky last year, it appears that Conny is releasing another new product - Crafted Kardus Highland Single Cut! The flavor description says, "Crafted Kardus Highland Single Cut snus is a collaboration between the AG Snuff and Conny Andersson. With our common interest in crafts and tobacco of the utmost quality, we have seasoned this craft tasty snus with tobacco that is otherwise only used as pipe and cigar tobacco."  That doesn't say much about the flavor, however.

I know Crafted Snus Whisky was flavored with Glenfarclas, which is a Highlands whisky.  So I'm curious to see if this is also a Highlands whisky snus.  Crafted Snus Whisky only came in original and white portion, so this could be a similar flavor.

Once I have more details about the product, I'll update this post!

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  1. My guess is Conny secretly keeps a couple cans of Cope in his fridge hidden behind some of his personal blends. Chad, any estimation as to when this is going to be available for us here in the States? Thanks.